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 Business Licensing
Businesses in Leamington must be licensed with the Municipality to operate legally for public health and safety, consumer protection and/or nuisance prevention. Leamington’s Comprehensive Business Licensing By-law provides the rules and regulations for each type of business. Applications are available at the Municipal Building located at 111 Erie Street North during regular office hours from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, or online through our Business Licensing page
 Development Process
The Municipality of Leamington has a development support team available to help your business through the planning and development process.

If you are considering the submission of a development application or require planning related information, please visit Leamington Planning Services or contact our team at 519-326-5761.

Business Support Network

The Regional Alliance Windsor Essex is an organization of local government and support groups for entrepreneurs and companies in the Windsor-Essex region. The Regional Alliance's business support network is a comprehensive guide to grants, loans, training, and all other business support services available in Leamington and the broader region.


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