Temporary Outdoor Patios

Outdoor Patio Dining

The Municipality of Leamington has implemented a temporary outdoor patio program in an effort to support the local business community through the COVID-19 economic recovery.

As part of the Province of Ontario’s framework for reopening under Stage 2, outdoor dine-in services at restaurants, bars, food trucks and other establishments, including temporary patio spaces are permitted to open with proper health and safety measures in place.

If you're a Leamington eatery and interested in expanding or creating a new outdoor patio, here's what you need to do:

Temporary Patio on Private Lands

For temporary outdoor patios on private lands, no permit is required. However, you must call the Municipality at 519-326-5761 to schedule an inspection to ensure the safety of the patio and compliance with the Municipality’s Temporary Outdoor Patio Guidelines. Restaurants should also seek the permission of the property owner prior to installation.

Temporary Patio on Public Lands

Temporary patios proposed on municipally-owned lands (right-of-ways, sidewalks and parking lots), are subject to an expedited review process that includes:

1)    An encroachment agreement with the Municipality;

2)    The naming of the Municipality of Leamington as an additional insured; and

3)    An inspection from a municipal official.

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Full details of requirements and guidelines for temporary outdoor patios on private and public lands are available here: Temporary Outdoor Patio Guidelines PDF

A dedicated team is in place to assist you. If you have questions, please contact a Customer Services Representative at 519-326-5761


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