ErieQuest and Diving


ErieQuest is a Committee of Council comprised of local volunteers who represent elected officials, diving, recreation, historical interpretation, economic development, tourism and citizens at large. ErieQuest is an advocate of shipwreck conservation and is taking a leading role in having the area established as a National Marine Conservation Area. When at the Leamington waterfront, be sure to view the storyboards for the shipwrecks along the Waterfront Promenade.

The Pelee Passage area of Lake Erie has possibly the highest density of shipwrecks in all the Great Lakes because of the treacherous reefs, sudden storms and heavy ship traffic. The shipwrecks of the Pelee Passage are unique time capsules, providing archaeologists and historians with insight into the past. It is amazing to think that under less than 40-75 feet of water, lay many remarkable archeological resources and shipwrecks, which are largely undiscovered except for the diving community. For more information, complete the online form and submit.

View the ErieQuest Marine Heritage museum at the Leamington Arts Centre, located at 72 Talbot Street, Leamington (free admission) or call 519-825-3451 or Toll-Free 1-800-250-3336.

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