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An increased awareness and concern for the preservation of historic buildings and neighbourhoods led to the passage of the Ontario Heritage Act in 1975. This legislation enabled municipalities to protect properties of architectural and historical significance and to establish municipal heritage committees to advise municipal councils on heritage matters. 

The Ontario Heritage Act provides the Municipality of Leamington with three ways to recognize and protect properties of cultural heritage value: individual designation (Part IV of the Act), listing on the heritage register (Section 27 of the Act), and heritage district designation (Part V of the Act).

Levels of Heritage Protection

 Register of Heritage Properties

The municipal register, referred to as the Register of Heritage Properties, is the official list or record of cultural heritage properties that have been identified as being important to the community. Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA) requires the Clerk of every municipality to keep a current, publicly accessible register of properties of cultural heritage value or interest situated in the municipality.

The Register of Heritage Properties has legal status and can provide short-term protection in accordance with the OHA. The Register is intended to be used as a planning tool that can be consulted by municipal decision makers when development proposals or permits are being considered. The Register is intended to be a dynamic document, evolving with the development of the community, that is revised and updated as needed and as local resources and information becomes available. Properties can be added or removed from the Register by Council, in consultation with the Leamington Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (LMHAC).

Leamington's Register of Heritage Properties was adopted on September 26, 2016. It contains four properties that are designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act and 276 properties that are listed as having heritage potential. The LMHAC is in the process of adding properties to the adopted Register which includes designated and non-designated (listed) properties under the OHA. 


Complete Register

Search to find heritage properties in Leamington, which in addition to the above, includes photos and descriptions of the heritage values and the architectural features. 

 Designated Properties

The Register must include all properties that have been designated under Part IV and Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act by the municipality. Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act enables municipalities to pass bylaws for the protection (designation) of individual properties that have cultural heritage value or interest to the municipality. Heritage designation is a protection mechanism with long-term implications for the alteration and demolition of a cultural heritage property. A designated property cannot be demolished or altered in such a way as to affect the heritage attributes of the property, without the approval from Council. 

Leamington has four properties which have been designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act: 

  • 34 Clark Street West- Selkirk Home
  • 41 Oak Street West- CNR Station
  • 13 Russell Street- Brown House
  • 135 Talbot Street East- Wigle House Tavern
 Listed Properties

The Ontario Heritage Act also permits a property that has not been designated, but that Council believes to be of cultural heritage value or interest, to be placed on the Register. This is commonly referred to as 'Listing'. Non-designated properties listed on the Register may be candidates for heritage conservation, protection and future designation.

Demolition requests for non-designated (also known as "listed") properties on the Register can be delayed for up to 60 days to allow the time for the municipality to evaluate the property and decide whether further protection is warranted. The purpose is to provide protection against the issuance of a demolition permit without careful review of the heritage significance before an irreversible decision is made. Please see the Heritage Permit Application & Guide below for more information. 


Heritage Permit Application

Heritage Permit Application Guide

 Determining Heritage Values

A property may be worthy for individual designation if it satisfies one or more of the following criteria established through Ontario Regulation 9/06:

Design or Physical Value

  • Rare, unique representative or early example of a style, type, expression, material or construction method
  • Displays a high degree of craftsmanship or artistic merit
  • Demonstrates a high degree of technical or scientific achievement

Historical or Associative Value

  • Direct associations with a theme, event, belief, person, activity, organization, or institution that is significant to a community
  • Yields information that contributes to an understanding of a community or a culture
  • Demonstrates or reflects the work or ideas of an architect, artist builder, designer or theorist who is significant to a community

Contextual Value

  • Is important in defining, maintaining or supporting the character of an area
  • Is physically, functionally, visually, or historically linked to its surroundings
  • Is a landmark

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