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The Municipality of Leamington’s 2018 Boarding House Study was recently updated by Dillion Consulting. The 2020 Update considers two types of housing, farm help accommodations and boarding houses. The 2020 Update closely examines four specific approaches to addressing affordable housing opportunities in Leamington and housing needs for agricultural workers. The Update recommends implementing four approaches in an effort to balance the overall pressure for a variety of housing options in the Municipality, in a manner which ensures new development can be serviced efficiently, is compatible with the surrounding uses and which meets health and safety expectations.

The 2020 Update identifies the following potential approaches:

  • Small boarding houses in the Urban Settlement Area
  • Large boarding houses in the Urban Settlement Area
  • Farm help dwellings on-site (co-located with the farm operation in the Agricultural Area)
  • Farm help dwellings off-site (located within the Agricultural Area but on a separate site from the farm operation)

Recommendations regarding how each of the approaches noted above will be implemented are contained in Section 5 of the 2020 Boarding House Study Update.


2018 Boarding House Study                                           2020 Boarding House Study Update

Next Steps

At its regular meeting on September 29, 2020, Council received the 2020 Boarding House Study Update prepared by Dillon Consulting Ltd. and provided direction that amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law 890-09, as amended be drafted for public consideration. The purpose of the amendments is to establish a planning policy framework together with detailed zoning regulations to permit boarding houses in both the settlement and agricultural areas of the Municipality.

At this time, Council has made no formal decision regarding the implementation of the recommendations of the Study and will be seeking public input as part of upcoming public open houses and meetings.  Drafts of the proposed policies and regulations will be made available for public review prior to the scheduling of the legislated Public Open House and Public Meeting. 

If you have read the study and would like to comment on the recommendations contained within Section 5 of the 2020 Boarding House Study Update please comment below. 


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