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Boards and Committees

Serving on a municipal committee is one way to be involved and make a difference in your community. Committees provide advice to Council on specific community issues such as accessibility, uptown Leamington and animal control. Learn more about the role of Advisory Committees in our brochure.

At the commencement of Council's term and at various times throughout their term, the public is invited to volunteer their time and experience and participate in various committees.


Advisory Committees

 Seniors' Advisory Committee

The Seniors Advisory Committee advises Council and staff on matters that impact the quality of lives of older adults in Leamington. 

The Committee is comprised of two (2) members of Council (Mayor MacDonald and Deputy Mayor Verbeke), four (4) Leamington residents/ratepayers, and two (2) community stakeholders/representatives from an organization that services seniors in the Municipality (e.g. a retirement/long term care facility, residential homes or senior’s apartment complexes).

Seniors' Advisory Committee Members

  • Christine Lehn
  • Karen Jones
  • Linda Thiessen-Belch
  • Martin Girash
  • Melissa Loeppgy
  • Nadia DiDomenico

Inter-Municipal Participation

Erie Shores Community Transit
Erie Shores Community Transit Committee reviews the operation of accessible transit services.

There are two (2) members of Council (Councillor Latam and Councillor Wilkinson) appointed to the Committee. This Committee meets as required. 

Essex Power Corporation

Pursuant to an agreement among the municipalities of Leamington, LaSalle, Amherstburg and Tecumseh, the Essex Powerlines Corporation was formed to provide hydro-electric services to those communities.

There is one (1) member of Council (Mayor MacDonald) and one (1) member of the public appointed from each municipality. 

The Board of Directors for the Essex Powerlines Corporation meets as required. Please view the Essex Powerlines website for more information.

Kingsville Leamington Municipal Animal Control Advisory Committee

The Animal Control Advisory Committee is an agreement between the Town of Kingsville and the Municipality of Leamington for the control of dogs and wildlife.

There are two members of Council appointed to the Committee, which meets as required.

Municipal Participation

Leamington Non-Profit Housing
The Non-Profit Housing Board reviews concerns with non-profit housing in Leamington. They have requested that Council appoint one (1) member (Councillor Dunn) to their Board of Directors, who meet as required. 
Migrant Worker Community Program

The Migrant Worker Community Program offers social, cultural, recreational and communication activities for migrant workers. Their Board of Directors meet as required.

Please visit the MWCP Facebook page for more information.

Statute Committees

Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee hears appeals of decisions made by the Issuer of Licences with regard to issuing of business licences and taxi licences. The Appeal Committee is comprised of three (3) members of Council (Bill Dunn, Heather Latam and Paul Tiessen), who meet as required.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is responsible for considering applications for minor variances to the Zoning By-law and consents for lot severances.

There are two (2) members of Council (Councillor Tiessen and Councillor Wilkinson) and three (3) members of the public appointed to the Committee.

Committee of Adjustment Members

  • David Dick
  • John Hammond
  • Mike SexSmith
Courts of Revision - Drainage & Local Improvements

The Court of Revision for the Drainage Act is an appeal body responsible for considering challenges to drainage work assessments. The Court of Revision for Local Improvements is responsible for considering appeals to assessed local improvement charges.

There are five (5) members of Council (Deputy Mayor Verbeke and Councillors Abraham, Dunn, Latam and Tiessen) appointed to each Court of Revision, who meet as required. 

Election Compliance Audit Committee

The Election Compliance Audit Committee receives and makes decisions on applications for compliance audits of campaign finances for Council Candidates and Third Party Advertisers in a municipal election or by-election. 

The Committee is composed of four (4) members, one of which is to be designated as an alternate. 

Essex Region Conservation Authority

The Essex Region Conservation Authority is responsible for managing the natural resources of the Essex Region in partnership with Windsor, Essex County municipalities, Pelee Township and the Province of Ontario.

There are two (2) members of Council (Deputy Mayor Verbeke and Councillor Abraham) appointed to the Board of Directors, who meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Please visit the ERCA website for other information.

Leamington Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee advises about the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of the Municipality's Accessibility Plan.

The Committee is comprised of one (1) member of Council (Councillor Abraham), three (3) residents with disabilities and one (1) professional community member. The Committee meets monthly. 

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority Board is a watershed-based partner who provides local communities with service and information to help protect and enhance their environment.

The is one (1) member of Council (Councillor Tiessen) appointed to the Board of Directors, who meet as required. Please visit the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority website for more information.

Police Services Board

Pursuant to the Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019, as of April 1, 2024 the Leamington Police Services Board was dissolved and a new OPP Detachment Board was created that is comprised of the Municipality of Leamington, the Town of Kingsville, Pelee Island and the Caldwell First Nation.

The newly formed OPP Detachment Board is responsible for the provision of police services for the communities.

The Committee includes members from all four communities.  The Municipality of Leamington is represented by Mayor Hilda MacDonald (Council Appointee) and Harpreet Singh (Community Representative).

Further information regarding meeting dates and how to register as a delegation will be provided as it becomes available.

Property Standards Committee

The Property Standards Committee is responsible for considering appeals to orders issued under the Property Standards By-law. There is one (1) member of Council (Heather Latam) appointed to the Committee, and two (2) members of the public appointed to the Committee. who meet as required. 

Property Standards Committee Members

  • John Hammond
  • William Wright
Union Water Supply System Inc. Board of Directors

The Union Water Supply System Inc. Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Union Water Supply System serving Leamington, Kingsville and parts of Essex and Lakeshore.

The Union Water Supply System Inc. Board has generally been meeting on the third Wednesday of each month to review and discuss issues that have transpired during the previous month, update the Board members on capital projects, review budgets and solve problems that may have occurred. These meetings ensure that all four municipalities as well as the public are informed of the ongoing maintenance at the Ruthven Water Treatment Plant.

Please visit the Union Water Supply System website for meeting dates and other information.

Uptown Leamington Business Improvement Area Board of Management 

The Uptown Leamington Business Improvement Area was created by by-law to beautify, maintain and promote the Uptown area as a business or shopping area. There are two (2) members of Council (Mayor MacDonald and Councillor Abraham) appointed to the Board of Directors, who meet as required. 

Non-voting members include Wendy Parsons of the Leamington Chamber of Commerce and Jill Nicholson, the BIA Coordinator.

BIA Board of Management Directors

  • Chad Robinson, Chair
  • Chad Riley, Vice-Chair
  • Michelle Fortier, Secretary
  • Faith Monaco, Board Member
  • Renee Daudlin-Iacobelli, Board Member
  • Richard Spencer, Board Member
  • Hilda MacDonald, Council Representative
  • Anthony Abraham, Council Representative

Non-voting members

  • Katherine Albuquerque, Bank Theatre
  • Nicole Mastronardi, BIA Coordinator


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