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Building Permit FAQs

This Building Permit FAQ page reviews the most frequently asked questions that we have received. Review the questions below and learn all about the building, permit and inspection process before you get started.

Why is a Building Permit required?

Building permits are necessary to ensure building safety standards (contained in the Ontario Building Code) are satisfied in order to maintain or improve the health, fire and structural standards for the general safety of the public and are necessary to ensure zoning requirements (contained in municipal by-laws). The Ontario Building Code is a provincial regulation administered by the Building and Development Branch of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Under the Building Code Act, local governments are given authority for the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code within their jurisdiction.

When is a Building Permit required?

Under the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required for:

  • The construction of any structure exceeding an area of 160 sq ft
  • New construction, additions, alterations, renovations, relocations, demolitions, and repairs or rehabilitation of a building or structure. Some minor repairs do not require a permit.
  • Projects that require a building permit (link to the building services page)
What can result from not obtaining a Building Permit?

It is against the law to begin construction without a building permit. If you start construction but do not have the necessary permits and do not comply with the Ontario Building Code, you may be ordered to stop work, incur an increase in your building permit fee, have a forced removal of work that is not in compliance, or receive legal action initiated by the Building Department to gain compliance.

What types of drawings are required and can I do my own drawings?

As the owner of the property, the Building Code under Div. C - 3.2.4 provides an exemption for you to create your own drawings.  

Plans must contain sufficient information to enable staff to determine whether the proposed work conforms to all applicable regulations. Site plans showing outlines and dimensions of the property, driveways, existing and proposed buildings may be accepted.

However, if the drawings are below standard or missing information, you will be asked to complete them or hire a designer who carries the qualifications as required. Where required by the Ontario Building Code, drawings must be prepared, sealed and signed by an Architect, Professional Engineer, or both.

If I am building a deck, do I need a permit?
Decks over 2ft or more from grade, require a building permit. 
How do I apply for a Building Permit?

Visit our Building Permit page to find out more about applying for a building permit.

The property owner or an authorized agent must file a completed permit application. Proper drawings and specifications must accompany every application. Incomplete applications/drawings will not be accepted. 

How do I find out the zoning for my property?

To find out the zoning of your property, select the link below. This will direct you to the Municipality of Leamington Zoning By-law web page.

Zoning By-law 890-09

How long does it take to obtain a Building Permit? 

The time required to process a building permit application varies in accordance with the quality and completeness of the submitted plans and the degree of compliance of the plans with applicable regulations.

The Ontario Building Code stipulates timelines for issuing building permits. Processing varies depending on project type. As a general rule, residential permits are issued within 10 business days for most home renovation projects. Time is counted beginning on the day after a permit application is received and only after all required information has been received in our office.

Who obtains approval from the other agencies?

It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure required approvals from other agencies (where applicable) prior to the issuance of a building permit. Staff will advise the applicant of the required approvals from other government agencies upon permit application during the pre-screen process.

How do I pay for my permit?

Payments for permits are made at the Municipal Office at 111 Erie St North. Acceptable payments are debit, cheques and online payments through Cloudpermit only. Cheques can also be dropped off in the mail slot located by the entrance off of the parking lot.

I’ve been issued my building permit - do I have to post it somewhere?

Yes, you must post your building permit for the duration of construction, in a visible location on-site for the public and Municipal staff to be able to view.
How do I book an inspection?

Inspections can be booked using our Cloudpermit program or by calling Building Services at 519-326-5761 ext. 1440 during business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Inspections should be made 24 hours  in advance.

What should I do if I think my neighbour is building without a permit? 
If you suspect that construction is proceeding without a building permit and you wish to take further action, please contact the Municipal Office at 519-326-5761 and our Customer Services Representatives will record your concerns and provide you with a reference number to track your request. Your information remains confidential.


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