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The Uptown Community Improvement Plan (CIP) aims to revitalize Uptown Leamington. Through the initiation of financial incentive grant programs that focus on maintenance, rehabilitation, development or redevelopment, addition of residential units, remuneration of municipal fees and attracting new investments and businesses to the area.

Eligibility Requirements and General Information Community Improvement Plan Application Form

The Municipality of Leamington offers a Community Improvement Plan to assist building and business owners with building and façade improvements. Financial grants are available to support exterior and interior building improvements, maintenance, rehabilitation, and development or redevelopment. The CIP has been amended in 2020 (see below). 

2012 Community Improvement Plan (Currently under review)

2012 MAP2012 CIP 

All projects must be consistent with the goals of the Uptown Commercial District Community Improvement Plan. All funding is subject to available funds and meeting certain eligibility requirements. A review and approval process must be completed before work can begin. No grants are awarded until the projects are satisfactorily completed and proof of payment expenses verified. 

 Incentive Programs Include: 
 Municipal Fee Grant Program
The Municipal Fee Grant Program is intended to assist property owners of lands and buildings and business owners with financing the cost of the development process by providing a grant to offset the amount of the applicable planning and building fees.
 Business Re/Location, Expansion and Start-Up Grant
The intent of the Business Location, Expansion and Start-Up Grant Program is to encourage new and existing businesses to expand and locate within the Uptown Leamington Community Improvement Project Area in order to help foster and develop successful businesses within Uptown. As the eastern section of Talbot Street has struggled with vacancies and business turnover, the Location, Expansion and Start-Up Grant program will give priority along this corridor.
 Residential Development Charges Grant Program
The Residential Development Charges Grant Program is intended to assist property owners with financing the construction of new residential units through redevelopment and/or expansion of existing buildings located within the Uptown Community Improvement Project Area. The Municipality will provide a grant equivalent to the amount of the applicable Residential Development Charge.
 Sidewalk Café Grant Program
The Sidewalk Café Grant Program provides property owners and tenants with financial assistance to design and construct a temporary sidewalk in place of on-street public parking spaces to allow for a sidewalk café or patio on the right-of-way in order to enhance Uptown eating establishments and encourage street-level pedestrian activity.
 Building Exterior and Façade Improvement Grant Program
The Building Exterior and Façade Improvement Grant Program provides grants to improve the appearance of a building’s front and/or rear facades. Eligible works include on-site improvements to provide accessible walkways, permanent landscaping that contributes to the streetscape, etc. The Municipality will provide a grant of 50% percent of the cost of the works to a maximum of $15,000.
Renovation Grant Program

The Renovation Grant Program provides grants to upgrade, rehabilitate and redevelop commercial, mixed use or residential buildings. These upgrades also improve safety by bringing buildings into compliance with current Ontario Building Code requirements. This program also encourages conversion of second floor storage to residential units, and for retrofitting for energy efficiency. The Municipality will provide a grant of 25% of the costs of the renovations to a maximum of $15,000 per property. 


2020 Community Improvement Plan Amendment 

The purpose of the amendment to the Uptown Leamington Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is to extend the community Improvement Project Area to additional areas of the Uptown and to amend the eligibility criteria for projects considered for grants under the plan. The current Uptown Community Improvement Project Area is shown in red on the attached key map. Lands proposed to be added to the Community Improvement Project Are are shown in Blue. We would appreciate hearing your feedback and comments here.

 2020 CIP NOTICE2020 MAP2020 Amended CIP

  Purpose and Effect to CIP (OPA No.11) 
In addition to the process required for the changes to the CIP, the proposed land area changes require an amendment to the OP through a municipality initiated Official Plan Amendment (OPA). It is proposed than an OPA be processed to remove Schedule D of the OP, and the consider revisions to Section 6 Community Improvement Policies which have been prepared as part of the Official Plan update. The proposed revisions to Section 6 are being brought forward at this time to assist Council to effectively address many of the challenges faced by businesses and property owners during this time of restricted operations. The revisions create general goals and eligibility criteria for any area of the Municipality. 


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