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The Uptown Community Improvement Plan aims to revitalize the Uptown Commercial District through the initiation of financial incentive grant programs that focus on maintenance, rehabilitation, development or redevelopment, addition of residential units, remuneration of municipal fees and attracting new investments and businesses to the area.

The Municipality of Leamington offers a Leamington maintains a Community Improvement Plan to assist building and business owners with needed building and façade improvements. Financial grants are available to support exterior and interior building improvements, maintenance, rehabilitation, and development or redevelopment.

For more information about the Community Improvement Plan, please visit the CIP main page, or contact our Economic Development Office at 519-326-5761 to arrange a consultation. variety of financial incentive programs designed to reduce costs for rehabilitation projects and improvements to stimulate private investment in the revitalization of Uptown Leamington. The boundaries for the CIP area are defined in the Leamington Uptown Commercial District Community Improvement Plan  which was approved by Council on August 13, 2012.

All projects must be consistent with the goals of the Uptown Commercial District Community Improvement Plan. All funding is subject to available funds and meeting certain eligibility requirements. A review and approval process must be completed before work can begin. No grants are awarded until the projects are satisfactorily completed and proof of payment expenses verified.

Incentive Programs Include: 

Building Exterior and Façade Improvement Grant Program

Provides grants to improve the appearance of their building’s front and/or rear facades. Eligible works include on-site improvements to provide accessible walkways, permanent landscaping that contributes to the streetscape, etc. The Municipality will provide a grant of 50% percent of the cost of the works to a maximum of $15,000.

Renovation Grant Program

Provides grants to upgrade, rehabilitate and redevelop commercial, mixed use or residential buildings. These upgrades also improve safety by bringing buildings into compliance with current Ontario Building Code requirements. This program also encourages conversion of second floor storage to residential units, and for retrofitting for energy and efficiency. The Municipality will provide a grant of 25% of the costs of the renovations to a maximum of $15,000 per property. 

The Economic Development Office is able to assist your business in submitting a Community Improvement Plan application. Please contact our team at 519-326-5761 to arrange a consultation.


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