Contacting Council

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Contacting Council

Mail to Mayor and Members of Council

The Mayor maintains an office at the Leamington Municipal Building located at 111 Erie Street North, Leamington, Ontario. Correspondence to the Mayor is delivered to the Mayor's office on a daily basis.

Individual Council members do not have offices at the Municipal Building. All correspondence directed to individual councillors is received through mail or through the Customer Service counter at the Leamington Municipal Building.  Correspondence is placed in Council members internal mailboxes for pick up. Any items that are time sensitive should be noted as time sensitive however, we cannot guarantee a specified delivery time. 

Emails to Mayor and Members of Council

Emails may be sent to the Mayor and Members of Council to

Correspondence addressed to the Mayor and Council may be circulated to Administration or third parties if action is required or in order to obtain additional information. Correspondence addressed to the Mayor and Council may be included on a Council agenda.  lf the correspondence is included on a Council agenda, it becomes part of the public record which includes publication on the Municipality's website. Personal information contained in correspondence to the Mayor and Council is collected, used and disclosed pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of lnformation and Protection of Privacy Act. Questions about the collection of this information should be made to the Clerk/Manager of Legislative Services, Municipality of Leamington, 111 Erie Street North, Leamington, Ontario. Phone: 519-326-5761.

Call Council

You can phone the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors using the numbers listed below.

Council Phone Numbers
Council MemberNumber
Mayor Hilda MacDonald 519-326-5761 ext. 1102
Deputy Mayor Larry Verbeke 519-324-5131
Councillor Anthony Abraham 519-613-6950
Councillor Bill Dunn 519-322-1246
Councillor Heather Latam 519-325-9015
Councillor Paul Tiessen 519-324-8917
Councillor Tim Wilkinson 519-324-7625

Invitations to Events

If you would like an official representative from Municipal Council to attend a meeting, charity event, ribbon cutting ceremony, presentation, etc. please fill out the following form to submit to our Clerks Department:

Submit a Request

Information included on the form will be forwarded to the appropriate member(s) of Council specified within the form.  Please note that personal information on this form is collected strictly for the purposes intended.

Due to the number of invitations Municipal Council receive, we appreciate receiving your invitation at least three weeks in advance of your event. Once the invitation is received, you will receive an email confirmation advising if the member(s) of Council is able to attend.

Invitations can also be sent by regular mail to:

Municipality of Leamington
111 Erie Street North
Leamington ON N8H 2Z9
Attention: Clerk's Department

Request a Certificate/Birthday Anniversary Wishes, etc. 

The Mayor provides congratulatory certificates to commemorate milestone anniversaries, birthdays or other special honours.

If you would like to request a certificate please complete the following form to submit to our Clerk's Department:

Request a Certificate


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