Dogs in a kennel


Dog owners in Leamington are not permitted more than two dogs on any premises unless they are registered as a kennel.

Those who wish to have a kennel must register as a Kennel with the Municipality and meet the requirements as set out in Section 4.26 of Zoning By-law 890-09 and By-law 668-06 being a by-law to provide for the Regulation and Registration of Dogs (the “Dog By-law”). The Municipality has defined two different types of Kennels:

  • Dog Kennel; and
  • Boarding Kennel.

Dog Kennel means any building, part of a building, or area used for keeping dogs that are registered or eligible for registration under the Animal Pedigree Act R.S.C., 1985, c. 8 (4th Supp.) and means a kennel of pure-bred dogs registered in the Register of the Canadian Kennel Club; the American Kennel Club; the Field Dog Stud Book or the United Kennel Club. Dog Kennels are permitted in A1 Zone (Agricultural General Zone), A2 Zone (Agricultural Restricted Zone), and A3 Zone (Agricultural Hobby Farm Zone).

Boarding Kennel means a building or portion of a building, structure or outdoor area intended for the purpose of feeding, housing or otherwise caring for dogs for remuneration, but does not include a Dog Kennel.  A Boarding Kennel is not a permitted use found in any zone of the Municipality’s Zoning By-law (section 4.26 Kennels) however, please contact Planning Services Department by email at or by phone 519-326-5761 ext. 1407 to speak to a Planner and review the requirements and process for Zoning By-law Amendment.

In addition to meeting the Zoning requirements, the following are requirements for Kennels:

  • every Kennel must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and free of refuse of any kind at all times so as to prevent the arising of odours therefrom, and shall be kept free of flies or vermin at all times;
  • no Kennel with an outside area of confinement for dogs shall be constructed or located within sixty (60) meters of any building used for human habitation on any adjacent lot, and no outside area of confinement for dogs shall be constructed or located within three meters of any property boundary line; and
  • all Kennels may be subject to Inspection by the Medical Officer of Health for the Municipality and where, in his opinion, a kennel deviates from the minimum standards established by him, the registration may be revoked.

Apply for Kennel Registration

If your Kennel is a Business as defined in the Business Licensing By-law you are required to obtain a General Business Licence in addition to a Kennel Registration.

Apply for a Business Licence

“Business” shall mean any business wholly or partially carried on within the Municipality even if the business is being carried on outside the Municipality and includes: 

a) trades and occupations;
b) exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other organized public amusements held for profit or otherwise;
c) the sale or hire of goods or services on an intermittent or one-time basis and the activities of a transient trader; and
d) the display of samples, patterns or specimens of goods for the purpose of sale or hire.


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