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Need to report a municipal issue? Leamington Works for you! Give us the chance to address your concern by reporting it online using the form below, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or contact us by phone during regular business hours. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 I would like to report a problem, concern or compliment, how do I do that?
Residents can report problems, concerns or compliments by submitting a Leamington Works issue/concern online below. Alternatively, you may call the Municipal Office during business hours at 519-326-5761 and speak to a Customer Service Representative.
 What information is required in order to submit a problem, concern or compliment?
Residents will be required to provide their first and last name, address, and telephone number, as well as the address and information of the concern/issue. Please note that the Municipality will not disclose your personal data or information that was provided by you to a third party.
 What happens after I report a problem or concern?
When a problem or concern is submitted online or by contacting a Customer Service Representative, the issue is entered into Leamington Works and assigned a request ID number. The request is forwarded to the appropriate department to address the issue/concern. After the department reviews the issue/concern, a response is then logged into the Leamington Works program for future reference.
 What if I have an update or more information to report?
The Municipality asks that only one form be filled for each concern/problem. If you have an update to an existing Leamington Works request ID, please contact a Customer Service Representative to add comments and log the update. You will be asked to provide the request ID number you were given, if available.
 How do I find out the status of my Leamington Works request?
Each Leamington Works request is assigned a request ID number. You will need this ID number to follow up on the status of a request. If you would like to know what the status is you can contact a Customer Service Representative at the Municipal office during business hours.

Personal Information is being collected under the authority of the Municipal Act 2001 P.S.O. c45, and in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  This information is used for the processing of requests for municipal service.  Questions about this collection can be directed to the Manager of Legislative Services/Clerk, Municipality of Leamington at 519-326-5761.


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