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Official Plan 

On September 10, 2007, Council adopted the Leamington Official Plan. The Official Plan is a statement of goals, objectives and policies intended to guide future land use, physical development, and growth within the boundaries of the Municipality of Leamington. The policies of the Official Plan are designed to promote the public interest in the future development of the Municipality.

Leamington Official Plan  Land Use Schedules and Overlay Maps

Official Plan Review 

The Municipality of Leamington is currently reviewing its Official Plan to ensure it is consistent with Provincial Policy, the County of Essex Official Plan, and other various planning legislation and strategies that have been completed by the Municipality since the current Official Plan was approved. 

Draft Leamington Official Plan Draft Land Use Schedules and Overlay Maps

 Official Plan Amendment No.11

The purpose of Official Plan Amendment No. 11 is to remove Schedule ‘D’ Community Improvement Areas to the Official Plan (2008) (OP) and to consider revisions to Section 6 Community Improvement Policies which have been prepared as part of the Official Plan update. The proposed revisions to Section 6 are being brought forward at this time to assist Council to effectively address many of the challenges faced by businesses and property owners during this time of restricted operations. The revisions create general goals and eligibility criteria for any area of the Municipality. The revisions to Section 6 add eligible costs for Community Improvement Plans, which conform to The Planning Act, and reflect key aspects of Council’s Strategic Plan including the availability of effective and efficient infrastructure, the provision of public and private amenities which improve quality of life and sense of place and opportunities for sustainable economic development. 

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OPA Revisions Section 6 CIPSection 6 Info Sheet 

OPA No. 11 and Amendments to the CIP

OPA No. 11 is being considered along with concurrent amendments to the Uptown Leamington Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The purpose of the amendment to the Uptown Leamington Community Improvement Plan is to extend the Community Improvement Project Area to include additional areas of the Uptown and to amend the eligibility criteria for projects considered for grants under the plan. 


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