Planning and Zoning

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Planning and Zoning

Planning Services is involved in all Planning Act applications, long-range planning policy development, the implementation of upper tier legislation and policies, and all other planning matters related to the comprehensive, orderly development within the Municipality.

Planning Services is responsible for preparing and maintaining municipal planning documents including the Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Secondary Plans, and Community Improvement Plans. These documents are used to implement legislation and perform a variety of services for ratepayers, developers, internal departments and upper tier governments.

Planning Services processes all applications legislated under the Planning Act. This includes:

  • Official Plan Amendments

   • Site Plan Control Approvals

  • Zoning By-law Amendments

   • Plans of Subdivision and Condominiums

  • Minor Variances

   • Second Dwelling Agreements

  • Consents

   • Removal of Holding Zones

  • Part Lot Control Exemptions

   • Interim Control By-laws

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Applications and Process

Do you need to submit an application? Learn about the process and timelines, and find the form(s) you need to get started.

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News and Notices

See all planning items subject to public notice that will be considered at upcoming Municipal meetings and open houses. 

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Interactive Municipal Map

Use interactive maps to find information about your property, including Legal Description, Registered Owner, Official Plan Designation and Zoning by requesting a Property Information Report. You can select what information you need and make your own map that you can print.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Official Plan?

The Official Plan is a statement of goals, objectives and policies intended to guide future land use, physical development, and growth within the boundaries of the Municipality of Leamington. The policies of the Official Plan are designed to promote the public interest in the future development of the Municipality.

Official Plan                                                                                                                          Land Use Schedules and Overlay Maps

 What is a Zoning By-law?

The Zoning By-law regulates the use of land, buildings and structures in Leamington and how properties can be developed. It includes regulations for things such as lot size, building height and setbacks, landscaped open space, and parking requirements.

Leamington Zoning By-law 890-09 was adopted by Council on January 12, 2009. Please note that amendments to the Zoning By-law are common; each document has a date that is reflective of the update.

Zoning By-law 890-09, as amended     

Zoning Maps

What is the difference between the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law?

The Official Plan is a high-level document that brings the Municipality’s general land use planning policies together in a single plan, whereas the Zoning By-law is much more specific. The Zoning By-law is what regulates what you can build, where you can build, how high you can build, etc.

How do I find out the Zoning of a property?

Use the Interactive Municipal Map to find the zoning of a property in Leamington.

Tip: Turn on the Planning layer in the legend on the left hand side to view zoning.

Interactive Municipal Map

What does the Committee of Adjustment do?

The Committee of Adjustment is the approval body for minor variance and consent applications under the Planning Act. The Committee hears submissions, discusses concerns, and makes a decision.

The Committee evaluates the merits of each proposal with consideration of the following documents:

  • Provincial Policy Statement
  • County of Essex Official Plan
  • Leamington Official Plan
  • Leamington Zoning By-law No. 890-09, as amended

The Committee is administered by Planning Services through monthly meetings and is comprised of two Council members and three appointed members of the public. The Public is welcome to attend the Committee of Adjustment meetings.

Committee of Adjustment 2024 Meeting Schedule                                                                            

Committee of Adjustment Meeting Calendar & Agendas

What is Site Plan Control and when does it apply?

Site Plan Control is a development review process which examines the design and technical aspects of a proposed development to ensure that it is safe, functional and compatible with the surrounding area. It seeks to mitigate the impact of development on neighbouring uses and municipal infrastructure as well as encourage a high standard of design.

Site Plan Control is a form of development control authorized under Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, and implemented through the Municipality of Leamington Official Plan and Site Plan Control By-law 632-05.

Site Plan approval is intended to ensure development:

  • Conforms to the policies and objectives of the Official Plan;
  • Complies with Zoning By-law regulations and other appropriate by-laws/regulations;
  • Ensures sufficient municipal services and on-site facilities; and
  • Eliminates or reduces negative impacts on adjacent land uses.

Under Section 41 of the Planning Act, the Municipality of Leamington has the ability to create areas throughout the municipality where Site Plan Control is required. At this time, all commercial, industrial, greenhouse and multi-unit residential developments (over 10 units) are subject to Site Plan Control.

If a development proposal requires Site Plan Control, it will proceed through a formal process of review and approval. This involves circulation of the proposal to relevant internal departments and external agencies, including conservation authorities, provincial bodies, utility companies, school boards, etc.

To submit a development proposal, please see the Planning Applications & Process page.

What is the Development Support Committee and what do they do?

Planning Services also coordinates the weekly review of development proposals by the Development Support Committee (DSC). This committee consists of representatives from Planning, Fire, Building, Water, Legal, and Engineering Services and meets for the purpose of reviewing development proposals and providing comments and direction on the municipal standards and processes.


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