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Planning Services is involved in all Planning Act applications, long-range planning policy development, the implementation of upper tier legislation and policies, and all other planning matters related to the comprehensive, orderly development within the Municipality.

Planning Services is responsible for preparing and maintaining municipal planning documents including the Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Secondary Plans, and Community Improvement Plans. These documents are used to implement legislation and perform a variety of services for ratepayers, developers, internal departments and upper tier governments. Planning Services processes all applications legislated under the Planning Act. This entails; official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments, minor variance and consent applications, part lot control exemptions, site plan control approvals, plans of subdivision and condominiums, second dwelling agreements, removal of holding zones and interim control by-laws.

Planning Services offers professional opinions and recommendations on zoning and regulations for business and taxi licensing, as well as general property inquiries. The department is also involved in the collection, maintenance and analysis of municipal statistical data for various initiatives and management as part of the municipal GIS system.

Planning Services also coordinates the weekly review of development proposals by the Development Support Committee (DSC). This committee consists of representatives from Planning, Fire, Building, Engineering and Economic Development and meets for the purpose of reviewing development proposals and providing comments and direction on the municipal standards and processes.

The Committee of Adjustment and Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee are administered by Planning Services through monthly meetings, including Council and Council appointed members.

Planning Services Application Forms

Official Plan Amendment Application

Zoning By-law Amendment Application

Combined Zoning and Consent Application 

Consent Application

Minor Variance Application 

Heritage Permit Application

Second Dwelling Agreement Application 

Development Services Application Forms

Part Lot Control Application 

Plan of Subdivision or Plan of Condominium 

Plan of Subdivision - Extension Amendment Agreement

Site Plan Control Application


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