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Below is a list of various plans, publications and reports offered by the Municipality.

Accessibility Plan
 Website Accessibility 

Accessibility is an important part of our website.

We're doing as much as we can to make sure everyone can access the information they need from our site.

We are also working towards compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, focusing on requirements set out in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

 Having the website easier to navigate for all 
Visitors of our site can expect to find the use of plain language, documents offered in an alternative format, and using appropriate heading tags for content and alternative text tags for images. These practices help maintain a higher level of accessibility for the users.

Other additional accessible adjustments can be made to the way information is displayed on your computer such as increasing the font size on your screen, changing background colours or having the words on your screen read to you.

 Accessibility Plan
Accessibility planning helps the Municipality with identifying, removing and preventing many different types of barriers. Our Plan identifies the steps we are taking to remove and prevent barriers within the Municipality. 
Leamington Transit Accessibility Plan 

Ontario Regulation 191/11 made under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005, governs requirements for conventional and specialized transportation service providers. The Leamington Transit Accessibility Plan forms part of the Municipality’s Accessibility Plan.

Assessment Plan 
Asset Management Plan
Budget and Municipal Grants

Leamington Municipal Council has approved the 2018 Operating and Capital Budget. 

The 2018 and 2017 Final Budgets are below:

Municipal Grants

Do you have a community event, community project or program within the Municipality of Leamington?  You may be eligible to apply to the Municipality to receive monetary support!

The Municipality is now accepting grant applications for the 2019 budget year.  The deadline to submit an application is Monday, October 1, 2018.  Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Please be sure to include the requesting organization’s most recent financials, as well as the 2018 and 2019 budgets as part of the submission.

The budget, including all grant requests, will be presented for approval to Leamington Council early in 2019.

You may submit your municipal grant application online, via email, or in person at the Leamington Municipal Office, 111 Erie Street North, Leamington, ON 

Apply online for a Municipal Grant

Community Improvement Plan (CIP)
The Uptown Community Improvement Plan aims to revitalize the Uptown Commercial District through the initiation of financial incentive grant programs that focus on maintenance, rehabilitation, development or redevelopment, addition of residential units, remuneration of municipal fees and attracting new investments and businesses to the area.

The Municipality of Leamington offers aLeamington maintains a Community Improvement Plan to assist building and business owners with needed building and façade improvements. Financial grants are available to support exterior and interior building improvements, maintenance, rehabilitation, and development or redevelopment.

For more information about the Community Improvement Plan, please visit the CIP main page, or contact our Economic Development Office at 519-326-5761 to arrange a consultation. variety of financial incentive programs designed to reduce costs for rehabilitation projects and improvements to stimulate private investment in the revitalization of Uptown Leamington. The boundaries for the CIP area are defined in the Leamington Uptown Commercial District Community Improvement Plan  which was approved by Council on August 13, 2012.

All projects must be consistent with the goals of the Uptown Commercial District Community Improvement Plan. All funding is subject to available funds and meeting certain eligibility requirements. A review and approval process must be completed before work can begin. No grants are awarded until the projects are satisfactorily completed and proof of payment expenses verified.

Building Exterior and Façade Improvement Grant Program
 Provides grants to improve the appearance of their building’s front and/or rear facades. Eligible works include on-site improvements to provide accessible walkways, permanent landscaping that contributes to the streetscape, etc. The Municipality will provide a grant of 50% percent of the cost of the works to a maximum of $15,000.
Renovation Grant Program
 Provides grants to upgrade, rehabilitate and redevelop commercial, mixed use or residential buildings. These upgrades also improve safety by bringing buildings into compliance with current Ontario Building Code requirements. This program also encourages conversion of second floor storage to residential units, and for retrofitting for energy and efficiency. The Municipality will provide a grant of 25% of the costs of the renovations to a maximum of $15,000 per property. 

The Economic Development Office is able to assist your business in submitting a Community Improvement Plan application. Please contact our team at 519-326-5761 to arrange a consultation.

County Wide Active Transportation Study (CWATS)
 The County of Essex has finished a study to create a County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) .

What is Active Transportation

Active transportation in the County of Essex means non-motorized modes of travel such as;

  • Hiking,
  • Cycling,
  • Walking, etc.


CWATS is a proposed network of on-road and off-road trails, bike lanes, paved shoulders at the edges of the road, and signed routes to create connections between;

  • Existing built up areas
  • Tourist sites
  • City of Windsor
  • Chatham-Kent
  • Point Pelee National Park

The CWATS system is to be built over a 25 year period and is a partnership between the County of Essex , local Municipalities, and the Essex Region Conservation Authority.

View additional information on CWATS at the County of Essex Website.

Demand Management Plan 
5 Year Conservation and Demand Management Plan
Development Manual 
In an effort to streamline the development process, the Municipality has consolidated development requirements in the Development Manual.

It is the intent that ratepayers, developers, contractors, lawyers and consultants will find this a useful document.

This manual will be updated as required. The dates of the revisions are noted at the bottom of each page and in the revision section of the manual. You should confirm with the Development Services office that you have the most up-to-date revision prior to making use of the contents of this manual.

Financial Statements

Audited Consolidated Financial Statements

Annual Financial Statements are prepared by Municipal Staff and reviewed by a set of independent, external auditors. The Financial Statements outline the financial position of the Municipality and financial activities during the course of that year.

Financial Information Return 

The Financial Information Return (FIR) is a data collection tool used by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Houseing to collect financial information on municipalities.  The FIR is posted on the Ministry of Finance website.

Statement of Council Remumeration

Each year the municipality is require to disclose the remuneration and expenses paid to each member of Council by March 31st of the following year.

Official Plan & Land Use 
On September 10, 2007, Council adopted the Official Plan and the Land Use Schedules and Overslay Maps for Leamington on February 5, 2008, the County of Essex approved it.

The purpose of the Official Plan is to provide direction for future land use throughout the Municipality. The Official Plan designates all lands for intended future use such as Agricultural, Residential, Industrial, Commercial, etc.

 Official Plan and Land Use Schedules and Overlay Maps

Secondary Plan

The Municipality of Leamington Secondary Plan Study 

The Municipality of Leamington is initiating an Employment and Residential Lands Secondary Plan Study to determine the planning policies and direction for future development in four subject areas as identified in the Official Plan (see Subject Areas map). The study will determine policies for land use, transportation and servicing within these subject areas. Recommendations regarding the intensification of these areas will be proposed that are consistent with the Official Plan update, while requiring future development to be compatible with nearby established neighbourhoods and existing development areas.

The purpose of the Secondary Plan is to develop a community vision that provides a framework for sustainable growth in Leamington. The plan will identify community needs and requirements (i.e. provincial policy, official plan updates) for the subject areas, and direct future development in the area in terms of desired land uses, urban design expectations, location of public open spaces, parks, and various community services.

There was a public open house held on March 22, 2018. If you were unable to attend please click here to review the presentation from the open house.  

Submit Feddback

Additional Information

Notice of Public Open House for Leamington's Secondary Plan Study

Public Notice for the Municipality of Leamington's Secondary Plan Study 

The Municipality of Leamington's Secondary Plan's Subject Areas Map

Strategic Plan

Municipality of Leamington-Strategic Plan 2011 Summary

As a result of a Strategic Planning session conducted in March, 2011 and a subsequent session held in January of 2013, the Municipality of Leamington adopted a Strategic Plan which will form the frame work for municipal policies, direction, work plans and allocations of resources for the next four years. 

Prior to the meeting, the consultant met with Council and senior staff members to review our progress on items stemming from the strategic plan developed for 2008-2010.  After this review the group generally agreed that the next few years should focus on planning and the development of policies that relate to finance, local improvements and lobbying for the establishment of sewer separation programs.  Attention was then focused on assessing the current situation.  To be successful, a good strategic planning process should focus on three main elements:

  • Know where you stand-this defines the strategic situation
  • Determine where you are going-this sets the strategic direction; and
  • Getting there-determining the strategic operation
  • The session resulted in a refreshed vision, six strategic objectives and supporting strategic actions.

Mission Statement

The Municipality of Leamington strives to provide quality services in a sustainable environment. Accessible, accountable and dedicated to the people we serve; we build on the past, as we prepare for future prosperity.

Report CAO 03/13- Amended Strategic Plan

Report CAO 19/11-Strategic Planning Priority Actions

2011-2014 Strategic Plan

Water Reports 
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment conducts Inspections of all water systems on an annual basis. In addition all water systems are required to provide annual reports on their operation to the public. The most recent reports are below:

Inspection Reports

Water Reports

Water Financial Reports 

 The Municipality of Leamington retained Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. to prepare a water financial plan and rate study as part of the five submission requirements for the purpose of obtaining a municipal drinking water license. The results are as follows:


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