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The Municipality of Leamington Secondary Plan Study 

The Municipality of Leamington is initiating an Employment and Residential Lands Secondary Plan Study to determine the planning policies and direction for future development in four subject areas as identified in the Official Plan (see Subject Areas map). The study will determine policies for land use, transportation and servicing within these subject areas. Recommendations regarding the intensification of these areas will be proposed that are consistent with the Official Plan update, while requiring future development to be compatible with nearby established neighbourhoods and existing development areas.

The purpose of the Secondary Plan is to develop a community vision that provides a framework for sustainable growth in Leamington. The plan will identify community needs and requirements (i.e. provincial policy, official plan updates) for the subject areas, and direct future development in the area in terms of desired land uses, urban design expectations, location of public open spaces, parks, and various community services.

There was a public open house held on March 22, 2018. If you were unable to attend please click here to review the presentation from the open house. 

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Additional Information

Notice of Public Open House for Leamington's Secondary Plan Study

Public Notice for the Municipality of Leamington's Secondary Plan Study 

The Municipality of Leamington's Secondary Plan's Subject Areas Map




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