Sign Permits


The Municipality controls the type, size, location, care, storage, removal and maintenance of signs in the Municipality.

Signs Requiring a Permit

Permanent Signs

To erect a permanent sign on a building or in a yard on private property, an application must be submitted along with the required fee, unless regulated otherwise by the Sign By-law.

Application for Sign Permit

Portable Signs

A Portable Sign Permit is required to display a portable sign on private property in the Municipality. Portable signs are not permanently attached and can be transported. A completed application form must be submitted to the Municipal office along with the required fee.

Portable Sign Permit Application

Stakeholder / Feedback Session - Proposed By-law Regulating Window Coverings in Commercial Buildings 

Notice of Stakeholder / Feedback Session

The session is your opportunity to provide your opinion regarding the proposed by-law regulating window coverings in commercial buildings. There will be a brief presentation at the beginning of the session followed by an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback regarding the proposed by-law. Below is a brief summary:

By-law Regulating Window Coverings

A draft by-law has been prepared that regulates the percentage of windows that may be covered in a commercial building as well as regulating the type of window coverings that may be used. A copy of the proposed by-law can be found below.

Proposed Window Covering By-law

If you are unable to attend one of the Stakeholder / Feedback Session, you may also provide comments or send questions to the Municipality by emailing: or by calling 519-326-5761 and advising that you wish to provide feedback regarding the proposed by-law regulating window coverings in commercial buildings.


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