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Office of The CEO

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer provides overall policy and operational support to the Mayor and Council. Four Directors (Infrastructure Services, Finance & Business Services, Legal & Legislative Services and Community Development) and Corporate Communications report directly to the Chief Administrative Officer. 


Infrastructure Services is responsible for general matters related to transportation, maintenance of roads, parks, animal control, weed control, wastewater services, municipal water services, cemeteries and waste collection, and capital projects in regard to roads, sewers and drainage.

Legal & Legislative

Legal & Legislative Services is responsible for general matters related to legal, Council, committees, Police Services Board and Human Resources.

Legal & Legislative Services directs employees on matters related to vital statistics, licensing, municipal elections, municipal by-laws, parking and by-law enforcement, human resources, property standards and crossing guards.

Community Development

The Department of Community and Development Services is responsible for general matters relating to providing exemplary customer experience and citizen engagement.

Departments reporting to Community Development are Building, Planning, Fire Services, Recreation, and Tourism & Culture. 

Business & Finance

The Finance and Business Services department supports the Municipal Corporation by assisting council, advising other departments and providing direct services to the citizens of Leamington.

This department includes Accounts Payable & Receivable, Capital Asset Inventory, Payroll, Property TaxesBudgeting and Financial Statements.  


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