Zoning By-law

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Zoning By-law 890-09, as amended

The Zoning By-law regulates the use of land, buildings and structures in Leamington and how properties can be developed. It includes regulations for things such as lot size, building height and setbacks, landscaped open space, and parking requirements. 

Leamington Zoning By-law 890-09 was adopted by Council on January 12, 2009. Please note that amendments to the Zoning By-law are common; each document has a date that is reflective of the update.

Zoning By-law 890-09, as amended      Zoning Maps 

How do I find out the zoning of a property?

Use the Interactive Municipal Map to find the zoning of a property in Leamington.

 Interactive Municipal Map

 Tip: Turn on the Planning layer in the legend on the left hand side to view zoning.


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