Certified List of Municipal Election Candidates and Declaration of Acclamations

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Notice is hereby given, that during the period commencing on May 2, 2022, and completed on Nomination Day, August 19, 2022, the following persons filed all necessary papers, declarations and fees and Under Section 35 of the Municipal Elections Act 1996, and as Clerk for the Municipality of Leamington, I am satisfied that such persons are qualified and that their nominations satisfy the requirements under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. This is the list of Certified Candidates for the office which follows their respective name for the 2022 Municipal Election, to be held on October 24, 2022.

Brenda Percy
Returning Officer/Clerk
Municipality of Leamington

Council Candidates

Mayoral Candidates
Biron, Chris
MacDonald, Hilda
Simoni, Jimmy

Deputy Mayoral Candidates 
Quick, Shelly J
Tofflemire, John
Verbeke, Larry Joseph 

Councillor Candidates 
Abraham, Anthony
Adams, Tara
Barros, Gerald
Dunn, Bill
Friesen, Derek
Latam, Heather
Lehn, Christine
Metcalfe, Dave
Montgomery, Christine
Ramirez, Oscar
Robertson, Corey
Schmitt, Isaac
Sousa, Kyle
Stevenson, Mark
Tiessen, Paul
Wilkinson, Tim

All Boards 

English Public – Greater Essex County District School Board (1 Trustee) 
Armstrong, Nancy
Omstead, Aimee

English Separate – Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board (1 Trustee) 
Dimenna, Mary
Thachuk, Derek

French Public – Conseil scolaire Viamonde (1 Trustee)* 
Dignard, Serge 
Herold, Owen 
Kojok, Badrieh 
Richez, Emmanuelle 
*The candidates for this office have been certified by the City of Windsor. 

French Separate – Conseil scolaire catholique Providence (1 Trustee) * 
Sauvé, Doris (Acclaimed)

*The candidate for this office has been certified by the Municipality of Lakeshore. 

More information regarding the Leamington municipal election can be found at www.leamington.ca/election.