Council Considers - February 11, 2020

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Council will consider the following reports and matters at its upcoming Council meeting to be held on Tuesday, February 11, 2020:

  • An amendment to the Municipality’s Fees and Charges By-law to allow a boater to moor for the day (up to a maximum of three hours) at no cost. The day rate of $21 will be applied to those staying longer than three hours but not overnight. The recommended charges are outlined below:

Transient Mooring

            a)         Overnight rate (per foot/day)                      $2.25

            b)         Daily dock rate

                        i.          Three (3) hour max stay                     $0.00

                        ii.         Over 3 hours but not overnight        $21.00

  • A report from Mike Mitchell, MPM Consulting with regard to evaluating the current level of policing being received by the Municipality. The report includes research of all available statistical information and enforcement indicators, an examination of police services in other municipalities of a similar size for workload indicators, and interviewing relevant parties to evaluate the level of policing being received by the Municipality and the level of human resources used to provide the same.

 To receive further information, please refer to the Municipality of Leamington Council Agenda and Minutes at