Council Considers - November 26, 2019

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 Council will consider the following reports and matters at its upcoming Council meeting to be held on Tuesday, November 26, 2019:

  • A Public Meeting under the Drainage Act to consider the Engineer’s Report regarding the Jefferson Wiper Drain-Bridge Replacement and to consider the Engineer’s Report regarding the Gorrell Drain- New Drain Petition.
  • A Public Meeting regarding ZBA #198 and Consent Applications B-27-19 and B-28-19- 1212 Mersea Road 2. The application is to add a parcel of land with an area of 0.14 hectares (0.35 acres) from the farm property at 1212 Mersea Road 2 to the residential lot located at 1218 Mersea Road 2.
  • A Public Meeting regarding ZBA #196- 282-288 Talbot Street West. This application is to recognize the existing legal non-conforming commercial retail use at 282-288 Talbot Street West.
  • A Public Meeting regarding ZBA #194 -11 Iroquois Road. The application is to seek relief from the zone provisions of Zoning By-law 890-09, as amended to permit the construction of a contractor’s yard and light industrial building at 11 Iroquois Road.
  • A report regarding the imposition of fees for the benefitting properties in connection with the Coronation Avenue Sewer Separation and Road Reconstruction Project and a report regarding the imposition of fees for the benefitting properties in connection with Mill Street West (Fox to Erie) Sewer Separation Project.
  • A number of drainage petitions, including:
    • County Road 33 – New Petition Drain between Mersea Road C and Ellis Avenue – 911 numbers 655 to 707
    • County Road 33 – New Petition Drain between Sturgeon Creek Bridge and Mersea Road C
    • County Road 33 – New Petition Drain between Ellis Avenue and Mersea Road 12 – 911 numbers 728-970.
  • An interim Hard Surfacing Policy to determine what is required to satisfy the required hard surfacing of parking spaces until the Zoning By-law is amended to specify the same. The policy is required as there are an increased number of development applications and proposals for expansions of existing uses, as well as new construction in all business sectors.  
  • Consideration of Site Plan Control Approval Application (SPC-25-18) for the construction of a required parking area for a taxi establishment at 208 Erie Street North to allow for the development of a gravel parking area to the satisfaction of the Municipality, as established within Section 4.39 of Zoning By-law 890-09, as amended. 
  • A report regarding the installation of an additional portable classroom at each, M.D. Bennie Public School (259 Sherk Street) and East Mersea Public School (547 Mersea Road 21).
  • To consider parking on Joanne Court be changed to allow parking on both sides of the street. Parking is currently prohibited on the west side of Joanne Court.
  • Authorization of a purchase order to Andritz Separation in an amount of $160,369 including net HST, to complete required maintenance and repairs on Centrifuge #1 and Centrifuge #2 at the Leamington Pollution Control Centre. The Centrifuges are used to dewater raw sludge from the treatment process.
  • Authorization to engage with Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. to undertake a development charges background study and Part XII by-law in the amount of $43,100 (plus applicable taxes). Development charges (DCs) are a critical source of revenue used to finance growth-related infrastructure and are the main instrument used to ensure that “growth pays for growth”. The intent is to ensure that growth related infrastructure costs are funded by new development that benefits from the introduction of the new services (user-pays approach) and that these costs are not borne by existing residents and businesses through property taxes or water/sewer rates. 
  • A proposed by-law to provide for appropriate window coverings for commercial buildings.
  • A proposed draft by-law to regulate the size, use, location, construction and alteration of signs. Consultation meetings would be held with the public and, in particular, the Uptown Leamington Business Improvement Area Board of Management, the Leamington Chamber of Commerce, and local sign makers to obtain feedback and hear comments and concerns related to the contents of this Report and the proposed draft Sign By-law.

To receive further information, please refer to the Municipality of Leamington Council Agenda and Minutes at