Council Matters – August 24, 2021

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At the Council meeting on August 24, 2021, Council:

  • Held a Court of Revision under the Drainage Act regarding the New Access Culvert over the Driedger Drain.
  • Held a Public Meeting under the Planning Act and approved a Plan of Condominium Application by 1933878 Ontario Inc., to create 117 condominium units and common areas at 30 Seacliff Drive East.
  • Held a Public Meeting under the Planning Act and approved Zoning By-law Amendment application No. 234 to rezone the property at 30 Seacliff Drive East from Commercial Highway (C2-16) Zone to Commercial Highway (C2-19) Zone to permit only the use, buildings and structures as a nursing home.
  • Held a Public Meeting under the Planning Act and approved Zoning By-law Amendment Application No. 236 to change the zoning of the severed lot at 909 Mersea Road 10 from Agricultural General Zone (A1) to Agricultural General Zone (A5-62) to recognize the residential use of the lot and to permit an increase to the maximum accessory building lot area coverage of 12.6% and to change the zoning of the retained farm parcel from Agricultural General Zone (A1) to site-specific Agricultural General Zone (A1-31) to prohibit residential uses and buildings.
  • Held an Appeal Hearing pursuant to By-law 288-13 and denied the Issuance of a Patio Permit – La Hacienda, 25 Talbot Street East.
  • Awarded the Bridge 21 Reconstruction Project contract to South Shore Contracting in the amount of $543,750.00 (plus applicable taxes) and that the $78,820 variance be funded from the Federal Gas Tax Reserve Fund.
  • Approved the internal Policy H11- Anti-Nepotism. The Municipality has had an Anti-Nepotism Policy since at least 1999 which has not been amended since that date.
  • Retained ML Consulting to undertake a salary review including a review of job descriptions and job values; assessing the competitive pay market and the Municipality’s current pay policy, updating pay equity compliance and developing a revised salary grid for implementation in 2022.
  • Confirmed the Municipality’s participation in the Rental Housing Component of the Ontario Priorities Housing Initiatives for 2021.
  • Approved the 2020 audited consolidated financial statements for the Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington.
  • Approved the transfers of 2020 municipal taxation-funded surplus funds of $2,258,525 as follows:

Table 1 – Summary of Recommended Transfers

Reserve Transfers


Contingency Reserve


Waterfront Redevelopment Reserve


Municipal-Wide Accessibility Modernization Reserve





  • Received information regarding the 2020 year-end variance analysis, information regarding transfers for the net financial positions of the Sewer, Building and Parking Departments and rate funded Wastewater (PCC), and Water Departments for 2020 to the respective reserve accounts, information regarding the transfers to reserves for 2020 committed capital projects, and the schedules regarding the ending balances for the 2020 reserve and reserve funds.
  • Received the Municipality of Leamington’s 2021 budget prepared on a full accrual basis of accounting as required by the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) for disclosure in the Municipality’s 2021 financial statements and receiving the impact on the accumulated surplus by excluding expenses for amortization of tangible capital assets ($10,122,225) and post-employment benefits ($883,400) from the 2021 adopted budget, as required by Ontario Regulation 284/09.
  • Denied the request to waive the Amphitheatre Fees by Leave Those Kids Alone for a free community concert.
  • Approved Policy R00 - Use of the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre following closure due to COVID-19 and received the Health and Safety Standard H04-S-0091 – Vaccine or Rapid Test – COVID-19. The Municipality has a legislated obligation to provide a safe workplace for its employees and an obligation to provide a safe environment to members of the public who access municipal facilities to obtain services. The most effective way in which to deal with an occupational health and safety risk in the workplace is to eliminate the hazard. The purpose of this standard is to set out the steps to attempt to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace and to provide a safe environment for workers to work and for the public to utilize municipal facilities.

To receive further information, please refer to the Municipality of Leamington Council Agenda and Minutes at