Council Matters – February 14, 2023

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At the Leamington Council meeting of February 14, 2023 Council:

  • Held a Public Meeting under the Planning Act and approved a Zoning By-law Amendment related to rezoning the consolidated farm property at 420, 422, 508, and 528 Mersea Road 7 (including vacant land on the south side of Mersea Road 8) to permit agricultural uses on the formerly residential lots and to permit an increase to the maximum driveway width.
  • Received a presentation on Records and Information Management System (RIMS) together with recommendations for implementation. Council directed that staff bring back semi-annual reports regarding the status and implementation of the recommendations.
  • Directed staff to extend life insurance benefits to all members of Council.
  • Appointed the following to the 2023 Municipal Grant Review Committee:
    • Councillor Tiessen
    • Councillor Dunn
    • Laura Rauch, Director of Finance and Business Services
    • Katie McLean, Manager of Revenue and Financial Planning
    • Andrea Palichuk, Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer & Mayor
  • Appointed Mayor MacDonald, Deputy Mayor Verbeke, and Councillor Wilkinson to the Mayor’s Recognition Awards Committee for the 2022-2026 term.
  • Endorsed the appointment of Dennis Rogers and Frank Garardo to the Essex Region Source Protection Committee.
  • Introduced a Notice of Motion regarding the implementation and use of Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras.
  • Appointed Mayor MacDonald, Deputy Mayor Verbeke, Christine Lehn, Karen Jones, Linda Thiessen-Belch, Martin Girash, Melissa Loeppgy and Nadia DiDomenico to the Seniors Advisory Committee for the 2022-2026 term.
  • Authorized the transfer of a portion of Mill Street and an alley in Staples, Ontario.
  • Directed staff to prepare a letter of support of the Town of Petrolia’s resolution regarding Petrolia School Board Election Compensation passed on December 12, 2022.
  • Directed staff to prepare a letter in support of the Corporation of Huron’s resolution regarding Call to Action: Review of the Cannabis Act passed on February 1, 2023.

For further information, please refer to the Municipality of Leamington Council Agenda and Minutes at