Council Matters – November 14, 2023

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At the Leamington Council meeting of Tuesday, November 14, 2023, Council:

  • Authorized Administration to enter into an agreement with 1571647 Ontario Limited regarding a non-exclusive right-of-way use along Mersea Road 12 from Lake Erie to County Road 20 to provide water for field irrigation.
  • Approved a right of access agreement within the road allowance of Mersea Road 7, across the municipal trail, to Leamington Area Drip Irrigation Inc. to construct additional segments of watermain for greenhouse growth.
  • Adopted a Notice Policy, a policy relating to the provision of notice to the public.
  • Authorized Administration to issue a purchase order to Spaans Babcock Inc. in the amount of $226,137, excluding HST, upon approval of manufacturing shop drawings for the Archimedes screw pumps and associated equipment at the Pollution Control Centre.
  • Entered into a Development Control agreement with Keepsake Land Development Ltd.; authorized Administration to execute the agreement; and approved the street name “Vista Isle Avenue.”
  • Approved the Municipal Insurance Brokerage Services contract to HUB International Ontario Limited.

For further information, please refer to the council agenda and minutes at The meeting will be streamed live online for public viewing at