Leamington adds electric ice-resurfacing machine to its fleet

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Group infront of Zamboni at the NFFRC

A new zero-emission fully electric Zamboni hit the ice today at the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre (NFFRC).

The electric Model 650 Zamboni, sponsored by Grossi Construction, replaces the previous gas-powered machine which operated at the NFFRC for 22 years.

When fully charged, the machine can complete approximately 25 ice resurfacings before requiring a recharge.

The new electric ice resurfacer is expected to reduce operating and maintenance costs and produce cleaner air for staff and visitors to the recreation facility.

Image from left to right: Shayne McLean, Cole Gosselin, Terry Symons, Anthony Grossi, Mayor Hilda MacDonald, Paul Barnable, Geoff Stephenson