Leamington Receives Robert Pulleyblank Award for Municipal Achievement

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The Municipality of Leamington is the proud recipient of the Essex Region Conservation Authority’s (ERCA) 2015 Robert Pulleyblank Municipal Achievement Award.  This award recognizes the Municipality’s efforts towards creating a clean, healthy and sustainable future for the Essex Region.

Leamington has undertaken significant work to contribute to environmental enhancements in the region.  Over the past few years, abandoned railways have been repurposed into trails for the enjoyment of walkers, joggers and cyclists.  In addition to providing opportunities for residents to be active and connect with nature, these trails also allow for environmentally friendly and healthy transportation options.

In 2015, the Municipality of Leamington partnered with Parks Canada to create the Leamington Monarch Trail which provides food and habitat for migrating birds and butterflies, especially monarchs, to refuel before continuing on their long journey.  The multi-phase project will include gardens of milkweed and supporting plants along approximately five kilometres of urban trails. 

The Municipality of Leamington was further recognized for demonstrating leadership with the acquisition of prime waterfront lands.  Plans for this area include a hip, vibrant waterfront with bike paths that will connect Seacliff Park to the marina and Lake Erie. Leamington also partnered in the project to create a rain garden at Seacliff Park to help filter pollutants and manage stormwater. By using a variety of native plant species, this project helps to provide habitat for pollinators.

In 2010, following the devastating tornado which severely damaged the landscape of the Municipality, all docks at the Leamington Marina were upgraded using recycled material and services were significantly improved.

2010 also saw the Municipality partner with ERCA to help landowners replant the many trees lost during the storm.

Leamington’s focus remains on protecting and improving the health of Lake Erie. Within the past few years, substantial upgrades have been made to the Pollution Control Centre and in 2015, the Municipality was successful in obtaining financial assistance for an important project to upgrade sanitary sewers along Bevel Line and Pelee Drive. When completed, this project will help to improve the health of Lake Erie as improperly functioning septic systems in this area will be removed and sewage will be municipally treated.