Leamington’s planning application and approval process moves online

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Man submitting an online planning application

The Municipality of Leamington’s planning application and approval process has moved online to a cloud-based e-permitting system called Cloudpermit.

Through Cloudpermit, the planning application and approval processes are now managed electronically from application submission to final approval. This digital process benefits municipal employees and the community by improving efficiency and customer service with paperless, 24/7 access to applications outside municipal business hours.

The Municipality successfully transitioned its building permit application process online through Cloudpermit in April of 2022. To date, the Municipality has processed 544 online building permit applications.

“We continue to modernize our municipal services by leveraging technology to support residents and our business community,” said Peter Neufeld, Chief Administrative Officer. “This end-to-end electronic permitting system will make the planning application and approval process more efficient and easier for our community to access while also meeting provincial priorities of reducing red tape.”

Homeowners and business professionals are encouraged to submit applications online. However, paper-based applications can still be submitted at the Leamington Municipal Building where assistance will be provided with the online application process.

Online payment for the system is currently in the works and will be available this year.

More information on the planning application process can be found here: www.leamington.ca/planning