Notice of Public Engagement Session – Erie, Oak, Sherk and Seacliff Traffic Study

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The Municipality of Leamington is undertaking a Transportation Study to develop a long-range vision for the Traffic Study area – Erie Street South, Oak Street, Sherk Street and Seacliff Drive. The study area is bounded by Sherk Street to the west, Seacliff Drive to the south, Oak Street to the north, and the Leamington Trail to the east.

Study Purpose

The study team will review the current and projected traffic / transportation situation within the study area, identifying issues, opportunities and recommending practical solutions in keeping with local guiding principles.

This study will allow the Municipality of Leamington to:

  • Improve access, connections and operations within the study area for all travel modes.
  • Provide additional support for “multi-modal” transportation within the study area.
  • Enhance safety for all road users.

The Traffic Study for Erie Street South, Oak Street, Sherk Street and Seacliff Drive will assess traffic operations for the year 2020 and a 10-year horizon forecast to year 2030. The study will review options for connectivity of various travel modes and potential road network improvements.

Public Engagement Session #2: 

Following the presentation of existing condition assessment in Session #1, the study has progressed to include assessment for the future 10-year horizon. In Session #2 the project team will present its findings for the study area for future conditions, exploring potential solutions and recommendations to address study area concerns and deficiencies. This engagement session is open to members of the public and all stakeholder feedback from the public to obtain feedback and seek input.

Information and Feedback for Session #2

This will be an opportunity for the public to review the results of future condition assessments and potential issues and opportunities for solutions.  Residents, business owners, workers or occasional visitors are cordially invited to provide their input on proposed solutions for the development of recommendations to address study area needs. 

Due to COVID-19 and physical distancing guidelines, the public engagement session will be conducted virtually.  This will enable stakeholders to review presentation material in a safe space.

Virtual Public Engagement Session #2

August 16, 2021 to September 3, 2021


Public consultation is an important part of this study and we would like to hear from you. If you require more information about any aspect of the project, or wish to be added to the stakeholder mailing list, please contact the study project leads.

Click here to view study area map

Comments or questions can also be directed to:

Alex Del Brocco, C.E.T.  
Project Manager     
Municipality of Leamington
Tel. 519-326-5761, ext. 1369      

Mehemed Delibasic, P.Eng
Consultant Project Manager
McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Tel. 647-463-7993