Notice of Public Information Centre - Leamington Stormwater Master Drainage Study for the Reid Drain, Silver Creek and Big Creek Watersheds

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The Municipality of Leamington has prepared a Stormwater Master Drainage Study for the Reid Drain, Silver Creek, and Big Creek Watersheds. The study area is located within the jurisdictions of both the Essex Region Conservation Authority and the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority. The study was initiated to take an all-inclusive approach to assessing the impact of potential future development within the project area (see Figure 1 attached). The study evaluated the overall watershed drainage system and has identified stormwater management design criteria.

The Municipality is also intending to implement a Two-Zone Floodplain Policy through an Official Plan Amendment within the study area.

Public Open House

A Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held to present the study information, mapping, and draft development policies:

Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: Leamington Municipal Building, 111 Erie Street North, Leamington, ON

We invite you to attend the PIC to review the information and provide your feedback.

Additional public notification in accordance with the Planning Act will be circulated regarding the Two-Zone Floodplain Policy Official Plan Amendment early in 2020.

If you are unable to attend the PIC and would like to provide comment, please contact:

Alexander N. Del Brocco, C.E.T.
Engineering Project Manager
519-326-5761 ext. 1369