Notice of Study Commencement - Southwest Leamington Storm Water Management Environmental Assessment and Design

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The Municipality of Leamington is initiating a study to improve municipal drainage infrastructure in Southwest Leamington to support development in the area. The study will consider current drainage challenges, upgrades required and new infrastructure. 

A combined sanitary and stormwater sewer currently collects both household sewage and rainfall runoff within the existing developed area of Southwest Leamington. This study will also evaluate the potential to separate the sewers, which has a number of environmental and cost benefits.

The study is following the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) (2000, as amended in 2015) process for a Schedule B activity.

A Public Information Session will be held in the fall of 2019 to seek input on issues and opportunities from local residents and to present an overview of the study. At this time we are requesting input on local drainage conditions within the study area and other feedback you may have.

A second information session will be held in 2020 to present the study recommendations for public input.

Project updates will be available throughout the study on the Municipality’s website:

There is an opportunity at any time during this study for interested persons to provide comments, questions, and concerns to the project team. Information collected for the study will be used in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record and included in project documentation.

For further information or to be added to the study mailing list, please contact the study team at

Alex Del Brocco, C.E.T.
Engineering Project Manager
Municipality of Leamington
111 Erie Street North
Leamington, ON, N8H 2Z9
Tel: 519.326.5761 ext. 1369

Robert Molliconi, P.Eng.
Consultant Project Manager
Dillon Consulting Limited
3200 Deziel Drive, Suite 608
Windsor, ON, N8W 5K8
Tel: 519.948.4243 ext. 3221