Emergency Preparedness

Front view of the trucks parked at Leamington Fire Services

 Emergency Preparedness

The Municipality annually meets the requirements of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. A copy of the official Municipal Emergency Response Plan, may be obtained by request only.

For more information regarding emergency preparedness, please visit the County of Essex Emergency Management website.

 Home Fire Sprinklers

Have you considered home fire sprinklers? Including fire sprinklers in your home is a great idea that can save your family's lives.  Please watch this video below for more information.

Home Fire Sprinklers Video

Carbon Monoxide Legislation

On October 15, 2014, the Ontario Fire Code makes it mandatory for all residences to have carbon monoxide detectors in every sleeping area, if it has fuel fired appliances (natural gas, propane), a fireplace or an attached garage.  

This requirement comes into effect April 15, 2015.  Homeowners and landlords are required to install and maintain the alarm. 

For more information please refer to the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Legislation.

Fines and/or charges may be laid to either the landlord or tenant if these responsibilities are violated. Please visit the OFM website for further information.

 Inspection Services

Leamington Fire Services provides the following inspection services:

  1. Complaints or Request for Information
  2. Retrofit Inspections (part 9 of the Ontario Fire Code)
  3. Special Event Inspections
  4. Liquor Licence Approvals/Occupancy Load
  5. Business Registration Inspections
  6. Fire Safety Plan Reviews
  7. Multi Unit Rental Inspections (Smoke Alarm Maintenance Form for Landlords)
  8. Open Air Burning Permits

Fees may apply to some of the services provided. Please see our 2018 fee schedule.

 Public Education
Leamington Fire Services provides the following public education/safety services:
  1. Station Tours
  2. Fire Safety Presentations
  3. TAPP-C Program - for children with fire fascination, ages 3-18.
  4. Static Displays
  5. Fire Extinguisher Training
  6. Fire Prevention Week Activities


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