Entrance, Encroachment and Driveways

Municipal front entrance

The Municipality owns, controls and maintains large areas of land beyond the gravel, and paved surface of your roadway. Most people would refer to these areas as shoulders, boulevards, or even your front yard.

In and under these areas we manage and maintain things like water lines, trees, sidewalks, gas lines, telephone lines, sewers and drains. Some of these things are sensitive to heavy vehicles and digging. A quick and simple move like driving a backhoe across your front yard can crush a buried pipe, or tear a telephone wire. It is important that home owners and contractors contact the Public Works department for a Encroachment Permit when planning a project.

Fees and Deposits

You can speak with a member of our staff for free to discuss how your job could affect you, your neighbour, or the neighbourhood. If a permit is required there will be a $150 fee and a $1,000 deposit. Once your job is complete, please contact the Public Works department to request an inspection. The Public Works staff will review the site and will return the $1,000 deposit if the site is returned to pre-construction condition.


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