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Adult Fitness classes at the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre appeal to a variety of personal fitness abilities and interests.  Whether you are improving your health, maintaining fitness, or just having fun, we have something for you. 

You must register every week for your classes. Registration begins on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM for the following week. 

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Fitness and Spin Class Descriptions

Beginner Spin: A quality exercise to improve circulation, heart rate and flexibility. Reduced pressure and pounding to knee and hip joints. 

Breathe and Flow Yoga: A Yoga Flow class in which the breath guides the movement of the body. Get moving with a blend of Yoga Asana providing strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

Everyday Lifting: Workouts focused around everyday lifting that promotes strength, conditioning, balance, mobility and coordination. Designed to help improve lifting ability and capacity for all fitness levels and ages. 

Fast Fit: Lunch hour full body workout for strength, cardio and core.

HIIT and Roll: This High Intensity Interval Training class will spend 30 minutes giving one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods. This class will keep your heart rate up...

Intermediate Pilates: Fundamental mat work combined with balance and core muscles.

Kettlebell Blast: This class is a combination of cardio, body weight and awesome kettlebell moves. Your entire body will benefit from this fun class.

Lower Body Fit: Incorporates many different exercises and a variety of equipment to strengthen the muscles that are below the waist, primarily legs, butt, and thighs. The workouts are designed to tone, strengthen and stretch the lower body muscles.

Pilates: Beginner to advanced movement to enhance posture, balance, functional awareness and strength for the mind, body and spirit. Mat work based with modifications for everyone.

Pilates CORE: Discover the tone and strength of the deep abdominal muscles for improved posture, flatter belly and stronger back. An invigorating workout at lunch!

Power Spin:  Send you RPMs into overdrive in this high energy spin class.

Reboot: Need a reboot after the weekend? Get back on track with Monday's Reboot class. HIIT, circuits, bootcamp, we will change it up week to week.

Revolution Ride: A high energy class with great music and motivating drills. This class will challenge your strength and endurance while burning calories. A great class for the beginner all the way to the advanced spinner.

Sculpt & Tone: We focus on using light weights and resistance bands with high reps.  We work on improving circulation, metabolism, caloric burn and balance.  We focus on sculpting and toning while maintaining proper form and technique.  This class is perfect for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.

Spin Fit 1: The ideal class for beginners and those looking for a solid fitness ride.

Strong and Fit:  Every class is something different. Using different equipment every week, you get a full body cardio and strength workout. 

Teens in Motion:  A fun, boot-camp style group exercise class ideal for teens ages 13-18 yrs and all types and abilities. It emphasizes that exercise should be play and play can be exercise. Participants are moving constantly from one activity to the next, going through a cycle of healthy warm-up, cardio, strength and flexibility activities.

Upper Body Fit: Incorporates many different exercises and a variety of equipment to strengthen the chest, back, shoulders, sides, and arms. The workouts are designed to tone, strengthen and stretch the upper body muscles.

Triple Threat: Triple Threat is guaranteed to jumpstart your heart. Always a variety combining cardio, strength and core training.

TRX: Put your bodyweight to work with the TRX Suspension Training System. This non-cardio inclined class will challenge you using TRX

Walk N Motion: A low impact class that involves a variety of walking movements to improve balance and increase muscle tone. A combination of body weight training with resistance band toning.  Great for the upper body and includes leg exercises for the lower body along with attention to strengthening the core.

Certified Personal Training

Personal trainers will assess you and put you on your own personal exercise training program. Personal training sessions must be purchased at the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre (NFFRC). 24 hour cancellation notice is required; otherwise client will be charged.

  • Personal training passes cannot be shared, as personal training sessions are exclusive to only one (1) person unless purchased as group training.
  • Sessions expire within one (1) year of purchase.
  • Team training is available.
  • Visit the front desk or call 519-322-2337 for more information.

Member Fee Costs

  • 1 session - 60 minutes (member fee + HST): $56.50
  • 5 sessions - 60 minutes (member fee + HST): $235.00
  • 10 sessions - 60 minutes (member fee + HST): $440.00

Non Member Fee Costs (includes the applicable $9.50 per visit single visit fee)

  • 1 session - 60 minutes (non member fee + HST): $66.00
  • 5 sessions - 60 minutes (non member fee + HST): $282.50
  • 10 sessions - 60 minutes (non member fee + HST): $535.00

Prices valid until June 30, 2024.

Certified Personal Nutrition and Wellness Coaches

Personal nutrition and wellness training can be done in private and individual settings. Your trainer will evaluate your current status, nutrition needs, physical activity and wellness and help you discover your path to a healthier you. A minimum of two sessions is recommended for proper use of the evaluation tools. 24 hour cancellation notice is required; otherwise client will be charged. 

Personal nutrition and wellness coaching sessions must be purchased at the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre.


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