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The Municipality of Leamington is proud to offer an intercommunity transit system from Leamington to Windsor with stops in Kingsville and Essex. LTW Transit has been developed to deliver safe and reliable public transportation while strengthening ties between communities, and providing better access to employment, education, healthcare and social services. This program has been funded in part by the Government of Ontario. 

LTW Transit Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of bus fare?

Fares for the service are $10 for a one-way trip or $15 for a round-trip (same day only). A 30-day pass is available for $250.

Transit cards are available for purchase at the average price of $7.50 per ride (i.e. a 10 ride pre-loaded card costs $75, 30 rides costs $225).

How can I pay?
Exact cash fare is required on the bus, as our drivers do not carry cash and therefore, cannot make change.


Riders can purchase 30-day passes or pre-loaded transit cards in-person from the following locations: Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex, Leamington Municipal Building, Kingsville Arena Complex, Essex Centre Sports Complex, St. Clair College - SRC Office. Cash or debit only. Credit card transactions are not accepted.  

Please note: Transit cards can only be reloaded at the Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex.

What are the hours of operation?

The LTW Transit operates Monday through Saturday. Please visit our Schedule and Map page for detailed information. 

Please note: LTW Transit does not operate on Sundays or on statutory holidays.

How long is a bus pass valid?
If you purchase a 30-day pass, the pass is valid for 30 calendar days from the date of purchase, inclusive of all days including holidays. This will start the day of your purchase. If you have purchased a pre-loaded card, it is valid for the number of trips purchased.
Why is my ticket being rejected?
Like vending or slot machines, the ticket will be rejected by the bill module if not entirely flat and dry. Angle the ticket up slightly as you feed in. If rejected a second time, the driver will ask you to either have the ticket replaced or give you instructions on how you may still pay your fare with this ticket.
Why isn't my bill being accepted?
Like vending or slot machines, the bill will be rejected if not entirely flat and fed in on a slight angle. If rejected for a second time, you will have to use another bill, as our drivers do not carry money or make change.
Does the farebox make change?
The farebox does not give back change or issue a credit slip. Additionally, our drivers do not carry money and cannot make change. It is important to use exact change, as overpayments are not reimbursed.
Why do I have to drop my coins through the slot more than once?
The coin module validates each coin and only accepts legal Canadian coins.  All other coins will be rejected. Just like vending and slot machines, sometimes a coin has to be dropped a second time before it is accepted. If rejected for a second time, you will have to use another coin, as our drivers do not carry money or make change.
Why isn't my transfer reading properly?
Transfers are printed from the farebox and time stamped at the time of issue. The transfer is valid for two hours, so it may have expired. The expiry date/time is printed on the ticket so the driver may verify if you believe the ticket is still valid.
 Is there accessible seating? 
Our bus is accessible. The bus kneels and a ramp is deployed to allow for wheelchair access. The bus can accommodate up to two wheelchairs. 
Can I take my bike on the bus?
Bikes are not permitted on the bus. However, there are two spots for bikes located on the exterior of the bus. More information regarding transit bike racks can be found here.
Can I take a stroller on the bus?
Strollers are allowed on the bus; however, children must be taken out of the stroller and strollers must be folded while on the bus.
Can I bring my pet on the bus? 
Service animals are allowed on the bus. Other small pets may be transported in small steel carrying cases, or must remain on a leash on the floor. We don’t allow any non-service animals on the bus unless they are in a case. 
I lost an item on the bus, what do I do?
Before exiting the bus, please ensure you have collected all of your personal items. Passengers who have lost their personal belongings or bus pass while riding the bus may contact the Transit office to confirm if the item has been found. Lost and Found on the bus is brought to our main building at 3700 North Service Rd not the Downtown Terminal. Questions regarding lost items can be directed to or 519-944-4111.  
Where are the bus stops located?

The LTW Transit has stops along the route in Leamington, Kingsville, Essex and Windsor. There are bus stops at the Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex, the Kingsville Arena Complex, the Essex Centre Sports Complex and St. Clair College. 

How will I know if the bus is running late? 

LTW Transit will make every attempt to arrive and depart on schedule; however, please download the Transit App for LTW Transit Route 42 real-time arrival and departure times.

Can I buy a day pass on the bus?

Yes, a day pass is only available for purchase on the bus, and you must advise the driver that you wish to purchase this product before depositing your cash. Our drivers do not carry money and cannot make change, so exact fare is required.

A day pass is valid for unlimited rides on the LTW Transit for one day from the time of purchase until 3:00 AM on the following day. The day pass allows for a two-hour transfer on any Transit Windsor or Leamington Transit bus. You must keep your receipt and ticket.

Where can I purchase a 30-day pass card?

A 30-day pass can be purchased in-person at the following locations:
Leamington Municipal Building, Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex, Kingsville Arena Complex, Essex Centre Sports Complex, St. Clair College (SRC Office). 

Please note: Cash or debit only. Credit card transactions are not accepted. 

Can I change my ticket?
Once purchased, there are no alterations or refunds.
How will I know when my 30-day bus pass expires?
The 30-day pass starts from when it’s first tapped on the bus. You will not receive notification prior to the expiry date of your pass so it is recommended that you pay particular attention to the purchase date.
What are your fares for children?
Children twelve years of age and younger are free with a parent or guardian. Children over twelve years of age are required to pay the full fare. 
What is required for me to board the bus?
You will need a pre-purchased ticket, money for a ticket, or a pre-purchased bus pass. 
How do I transfer to a Transit Windsor bus or Leamington Transit bus from the LTW?

There is a free transfer into the Transit Windsor city service.

All riders will be provided a transfer ticket upon boarding. The transfer will be valid for two hours from the time of issuance. 

I have more questions? 
Contact Us:

Phone: For general inquires, call 519-255-2489 (Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM, excluding holidays)

Email: (Emails are reviewed Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM, excluding holidays)

Text: 311 (Data Charges May Apply) (Texts are reviewed Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM, excluding holidays)


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