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Leamington Skatepark

The Leamington Skatepark will be located at 21 Seacliff Drive East (Kinsmen Baseball Complex).   Construction is slated for fall 2018 with completion prior to year-end. 


Leamington Skateboard Park Site Plan


Leamington Skatepark Concept Design - 3D Rendering - PDF

Leamington Skatepark Concept Design - Site Plan - PDF

Northeast Trunk Sanitary Sewer

The Municipality of Leamington has initiated a new Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study.  The EA study is being completed in accordance with the Schedule "B" planning process under the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class EA document.  It will look at servicing alternatives inside and outside of existing road allowances in addition to existing and future utility corridors.  The Class EA study process includes public and agency consultation, evaluation of alternative solutions, an assessment of the effects of the project and development of mitigation measures to reduce potential impacts.


Pelee Bevel Sanitary Sewer System Project  (Construction)

The Municipality of Leamington has commenced sanitary sewer construction along Point Pelee Drive, with construction activities along Bevel Line Road commencing on October 9, 2016. Please note that access to local businesses and residents will be maintained during construction.

The work is being conducted to resolve the issue of raw sewage discharging into the watercourse. The work will involve the construction of new sanitary gravity trunk sewers, forcemains, pump stations and watermain upgrades. 


Project Updates:

This webpage will continue to be updated as the project progresses, so please check back for updates. If you have questions or comments about this project, email us.





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