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The rebate of taxes for Commercial and Industrial Vacancy program has been discontinued. No applications will be accepted for vacancies in 2018. 

Some property owners may be eligible for a tax rebate program, below are what the municipality has to offer.

 Charitable Rebate

 Charities located in the Municipality of Leamington that occupy commercial or industrial properties may qualify for a charitable rebate. 

Charitable Rebate Form

 Tax Assistance Application - Low Income or Disabled

 Low-income seniors who receive support through the Guaranteed Income Supplement and people with disabilities who receive support through the Ontario Disability Support program can apply for a property tax rebate. To be eligible, the tax increase must exceed $50 for the residential or farm property portion of the assessment for any single year, and all property tax arrears and penalties must be paid in full.  The deadline for application is the the last day of August in the year which the application applies.

Tax Assistance Application

Tax Appeal Application 

 The Municipality of Leamington accepts applications to reduce property taxes in the following situations:
  • If a property could not be used for its normal use because of repairs or renovations for at least three months during the year,
  • If the use of a non-residential property has changed since the return of the last revised assessment roll,
  • If a property has "exempt status" after the return of the last revised assessment roll,
  • If there has been a fire or demolition in a building,
  • If there is a "gross and manifest error" in the assessment.

If you believe you qualify for a reduction of your taxes, submit the Tax Appeal Application Form by the last day of February in the tax year after these circumstances occurred. You may also appeal your taxes for the two years preceding the current year if there was a "gross and manifest error" in the assessment. You must submit these applications by December 31 of the current year.

Tax Appeal Application


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