Road Closures and Service Disruptions

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Traffic Control

All traffic control (vehicles and pedestrians) is to be undertaken in accordance with;

  • current Ministry of Labour regulations;
  • the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 “Temporary Conditions”
  • the Highway Traffic Act (HTA)
  • the Municipality of Leamington Traffic By-law

Construction and Maintenance

We try to deliver our construction and maintenance activity with as little disruption to traffic and pedestrian flow as possible.

Some construction and maintenance activity requires partial and/or full road or sidewalk closures in order to undertake the work in a safe and efficient manner. 

If you are planning any construction or maintenance activity that will affect the flow of traffic (vehicles or pedestrians), you must contact Engineering Services prior to commencing so that a traffic control plan may be reviewed and proper permits are obtained.

Community Events

There are several community events held throughout the year, which may require partial and/or full road closures in order provide these events as safely as possible for residents.

If you are proposing a community event that would require a partial and/or full road closure, please fill out our temporary road or sidewalk closure form and special event application well in advance of announcing the event, as such road closures require circulation to various departments for comments and Council approval.


To be notified of road closures and service disruptions on Leamington roads subscribe to our news feed  Closures and Service Disruptions.

Your patience and co-operation is greatly appreciated. 

Provincial Highways

The Ministry of Transportation may also have partial and/or full road closures on Provincial Highways. For works on the Provincial Highways please contact the Ministry of Transportation.

County Roads

The County of Essex may also have partial and/or full road closures on County Roads. For works on the County Roads please contact the County of Essex.


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