Sanitary Sewage Collection

Interior of the Municipality of Leamington

Sanitary sewage collection is provided to most properties in the urban area of Leamington.

Sewage is collected by means of sanitary sewers and combination sewers and delivered to the Pollution Control Centre for treatment prior to being released into Lake Erie.

 Sewer Backups & Maintenance
The combined and sanitary sewer mains and connections within the Municipal right of way are maintained and repaired by the Municipality. If you are having a problem with sewage back up at your property please contact Public Works.
For information on the availability and operation of sanitary and combination sewers, please contact Public Works.  For information on new developments, please contact Engineering Services.
 Sewer Separation
Combination sewers are an older method of sewer construction where a single pipe carries both storm and sanitary sewage. As a result during heavy rainfall events sanitary sewage gets bypassed at various overflow sites throughout the Municipality when the flow of rain water exceeds the ability of the combined sewers to carry it away.

In an effort to capture and treat all sanitary sewage, and reduce the amount of rain water being sent through the Pollution Control Centre, the Municipality continues to separate combination sewers into sanitary sewers and storm sewers.


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