Snow Clearing and Removal

Road that is cleared off

The main objective of the Snow Clearing and Removal program is to provide safe, passable roads, sidewalks and parking lots so that the public can travel throughout the Municipality in a safe and efficient manner during the winter months. As well, this procedure facilitates the handling of emergencies by the hospital, ambulance, fire and police departments and allows safe passage of school busses, public transit routes and pedestrian traffic.

Winter Control Level of Service Standards

Each snow event is unique and different areas of the Municipality can receive varying amounts of rain, snow or ice. Extreme weather and prolonged storms may prevent the roadways and sidewalks from being cleared quickly even with the best efforts of the crews. The unique characteristics of a storm determine the response actions or approaches to be taken. Where your particular street falls in the operator's route will affect the timing of the service you receive.

After the onset of a winter event, t he following can be used as a general guide:


  • Immediate Response:

    • Priority #1 roads, such as major collector routes, hospital, ambulance, fire, senior homes and bus routes will receive salting and plowing of roads to bare pavement
    • Rural roads with hard surface (paved) will have, at a minimum stop bars, curves and bends salted. If appropriate, the whole road will be plowed.
  • Secondary Response:

    • After Priority #1 and hard surface Rural roads are completed
    • Priority #2 roads, such as local streets and residential subdivisions will receive plowing and salting.
    • Rural Roads (gravel surface) will have, at a minimum stop bars, curves and bends salted. If appropriate, the whole road will be plowed.


  • Salting and plowing of the Downtown Core will commence before regular business hours;
  • Then major collectors;
  • Then residential subdivisions
  • Goal is to complete snow removal or salting within 24 hours of snowfall ending

Downtown Parking Lots

  • Salting and/or plowing when parking lots are vacant
  • Complete plowing of parking lots is scheduled after the snowstorm has ended and lots are vacant.

Downtown Alleys

  • Salting and/or plowing when town parking lots are done

Residential Alleys

  • Salting and/or plowing after Priority 2 roads are done, usually during regular hours.

Winter Parking Permits

  • The Municipality has a Winter Control Policy which states:

No vehicle may be parked on a municipal street between 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. beginning November 1 st thru March 31 st unless the owner of the said vehicle has received a Winter Parking permit; persons who disobey the bylaw are subject to penalties under the Highway Traffic Act.

Senior Snow Removal

  • For registered clients, the Senior Snow Removal program commences after all municipal snow clearance roadway tasks have been achieved.


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