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Special Events in the Municipality of Leamington

The Municipality of Leamington recognizes the importance of Special Events in enhancing the quality of life, tourism, culture, recreation and education, and in providing economic benefits to the local economy. The Special Events Guide will assist Event Organizers in determining what licences, permits, etc. are required in order to hold a Special Event in the Municipality of Leamington. 

Review our Special Events Guide before completing a Special Events Application.

Special Events Guide 2023

Special Event Application

Do I have to submit a Special Event Application?

Event Organizers must submit a Special Event Application if:

a) You wish to hold your event on any outdoor property owned or operated by the Municipality of Leamington. This includes:

  • Roads/road allowances (street festivals, parades and races)
  • Parks and parkettes
  • Parking Lots
  • Alleyways, both assumed and unassumed
  • Walkways, pathways and trails
  • Waterfront areas and/or beaches
  • Open spaces



  • Food is being given or sold to the general public at an event open to the public
  • Sale or consumption of alcohol at an event open to the public
  • Sound amplification
  • Tents larger than 30 m² (Fire Safety Plan is required and possible a Building Permit)
  • Tents larger than 60 m² (Fire Safety Plan and Building Permit both required)
  • Stages that are more than 225 m² in area (Building Permit may be required)
  • Amusement rides or inflatables
  • Projected attendance of over 250 people


c) The Municipality requests you to do so because your event significantly affects municipal services. This includes events that are held on private property or inside municipally-owned facilities. Affected services can include fire services, police services, public works (roads), emergency services, etc. 

Please contact Customer Service by calling 519-326-5761 to determine if a Special Events Application is required for your event. 

How to Get Started


Review the Special Event Guide for more detailed information and relevant appendices and then complete and submit the Special Event Application. The Special Event Application should be submitted to the Municipality, together with all required forms and payment (if applicable):

  • At least 120 days prior to the event, for large events
  • At least 90 days prior to the event, if the event is taking place for the first time or has significantly changed since the last time the event was held. 
  • At least 60 days prior to the event, if the event is an annual event and has no significant changes. 

*** Failure to submit your complete application on time could result in the event not receiving approval. 

Depending on the activities included in your event, additional forms including insurance, and special operating permits may be required with your Special Event Application. Additionally, Event Organizers may be required to meet with staff and/or the Municipality to review the Special Event Applications and discuss details. 


Apply Early! 

Early applications will allow more time to resolve any issues relating to your planned event.

What happens after I submit the information?

Upon receipt of the Special Event Application and all required supporting documentation (and fees, if applicable), the information will be circulated by the Special Events Coordinator to applicable departments for review and input. The Event Organizer may be contacted to provide additional information or to fill out additional forms.

When all requirements have been met, a Special Event Permit will be issued to the Event Organizer. Event Organizers may be required to enter into a Special Event Agreement with the Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington as part of the Special Event approval. 


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