All road users – including cyclists and pedestrians (walkers) - must obey the rules of the road. These rules are defined in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and through local traffic by-laws.

Highway Traffic Act

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) passed by the Province of Ontario, controls the operation of the Province's roads including the Municipality of Leamington roads.

The HTA provides direction by which motorists, cyclists and pedestrians (walkers) are to behave on a public road. For the latest edition of the HTA, please visit the Service Ontario e-Laws website.

Municipality of Leamington Traffic By-Law

The Municipality of Leamington traffic by-law is a legal document, passed by Council to control the operation of the Municipality of Leamington Roads.

The Municipality of Leamington Traffic By-law, in combination with the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), provides direction by which motorists, bicycle riders and pedestrians (walkers) are to behave on a public roadway. Contact the Municipality of Leamington to view a copy of the Traffic By-law.

Request for Traffic Operations Review

If you are concerned about traffic issues in your neighbourhood (e.g., speeding, on-street parking, short-cutting, etc.), and believe that a change should be made, please complete and submit the Request for Traffic Operations Review form. 

Please provide a clear description of your concerns, specific location, the time of the day when the problem(s) occur, and any other observations that you believe would be helpful.

Upon receipt of your request, Engineering Services staff will investigate the traffic operations in your neighbourhood and will respond as soon as possible to your inquiry. However, please be aware that it could take several months to obtain all the relevant traffic data.

Request for Traffic Operations Review


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