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Leamington Water Services operates and maintains the municipal drinking water distribution system with a mandate to provide clean and safe drinking water to residents and businesses in the Municipality of Leamington. The distribution system is comprised of approximately 375 km of watermain supplying water to over 9,500 residential and commercial customers.

The Municipality receives the majority of its treated water from the Union Water Supply System in Ruthven, while a small easterly portion of the Municipality receives water from the Wheatley Water Treatment Plant.

 Water Rates & Billing
Water Rates are reviewed and approved by Council annually. Water meter reading and billing is currently contracted through Essex Powerlines. If you have questions regarding your water bill or require your service to be turned on or off please contact Essex Powerlines at 519-737-6640 or visit their website.
Essex Power Services is contracted by the municipality to read water meters and to issue billings for water consumption, sanitary sewer charges and turning on or off of water services. For some residents of the Municipality of Leamington, the billings received by Essex Power Services also include charges for hydro electric services.

Questions related to water billings should be directed to Essex Power Services by calling 519-737-6640, or by visiting their website.

 Public Education
Lawn watering restrictions are in effect from May to September annually. By-law 426-03 outlines the specific restrictions and additional tips can be found in the Union Water brochure.
 Drinking Water Quality System

The Municipality's commitment to providing safe drinking water to its customers is confirmed by our Drinking Water Quality Management System Policy and Commitment and Endorsement. The municipal distribution system is audited annually and a Certificate of Registration is issued for the conformance to the Drinking Water Quality Management System Standard and applicable Acts and Regulations.

To review the Municipality's Annual Drinking Water Reports, Financial Plan and Rate Study visit the Publications, Plan and Reports page.

 Contact Information
  • Leamington Water Service Office 519-326-4454 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Nelson Carvalho Supervisor Cell 519-818-4338
  • Emergency Service Requests 519-326-9212 (24 hours)
  • Alternative Emergency Number 519-971-5058 (24 Hours)
  • For all billing issues and scheduling of water reconnects and disconnects contact:
    • Essex Power Services 519-737-6640 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Union Water Supply System 519-326-1668


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