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Located at the most southern point of Canada on the shores of Lake Erie, Leamington’s location offers several advantages. Only 45 minutes from the international border at Detroit, Leamington is within one day’s drive of 1.25 million people.

Leamington’s southerly location gives it one of the longest growing seasons in Canada. Winters are some of the mildest in Canada and summer lingers well into the autumn months.


Leamington is home to 28,000 permanent residents and 7,000 temporary residents throughout the year. As part of a larger Essex County region of approximately 500,000 residents, Leamington is able to offer a diverse and flexible workforce.

A diverse workforce: Leamington and the surrounding area are highly diverse, with over 70 different languages spoken and over 150 ethnic origins represented.

An adaptable workforce: Leamington’s workforce is diversified and skilled, with a substantial pool of skilled employees in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, and professionals services.

An educated workforce: Leamington is in close proximity to college and university campuses located in Windsor, Chatham, and Ridgetown.

Business Support

Leamington’s Economic Development Office is here to support you and will work with your business to make a move to Leamington as easy as possible.

Business Retention Services: Our Economic Development staff are here to help you with any challenges your business may encounter. We regularly meet with our business community to proactively identify any challenges and potential solutions.

Site Selection Services: Leamington has a diverse inventory of available land and buildings, and we can help you find a space that is right for your business. Our development staff will work with you through the process to ensure that your project is successful.

Funding Support: Our Economic Development staff can help connect you to funding programs that are available to support business in your field.

Zero Development Charges: Leamington is the only community in the area that has eliminated all development charges.


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