Key Industries

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Key Industries

Leamington has grown from a small agricultural town to a modern small urban centre with a diverse economy. Our key industries and areas of focus include agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and health care.


Agriculture and agribusiness are the forefront of Leamington’s economy, with the rapidly growing greenhouse industry represents $1 billion in farm gate value. Over 60% of Ontario's greenhouses can be found in the Leamington area. In fact, the area's greenhouse acreage is larger than the entire U.S. greenhouse industry combined, making it home to the largest concentration of greenhouses in North America with nearly 2000 acres “under cover”. The broader agribusiness sector is a $3 billion industry with almost 8,000 employees spread across more than 100 food and beverage processing companies and over 1,500 growers. Principal crops include tomatoes, seedless cucumbers and peppers, and cannabis.


A supportive business environment has influenced the establishment of numerous industries related to Leamington’s fast growing and profitable agri-business and greenhouse sector. Major employers include Highbury Canco, Aphria, FortDearborn, Highline Mushrooms, Elring-Klinger, South Essex Fabricating, MGS Horticultural, Nature Fresh Farms, Hub International, Lakeside Produce, AMCO Farms and many more large agricultural producers.

Leamington is home to a diverse manufacturing sector, with a long history being at the forefront of advances in manufacturing. Our manufacturing sector supports the other sectors of our economy; through the innovation of our manufacturers, our growers, food processors, and other sectors are able to improve quality, efficiency, and safety. Superior technology developed through advanced and experimental research has led to the emergence of a highly-specialized network of suppliers.


UniFab, ElringKlinger Canada Inc, Highbury Canco Corporation, Caxton Mark Inc, Bartel Machine & Welding, MC3 Manufacturing Inc, Lake Erie Concrete Supply, Wiebe's Welding Inc, and South Essex Fabricating are all major manufacturers within Leamington.

Located on the 42nd parallel, Leamington is in line with Northern California, the French Riviera, and Rome, Italy. Leamington is a day trip from London, Kitchener-Waterloo, northeastern Ohio, and southeastern Michigan. Our community is known for its exceptional outdoor experiences, including the famous Point Pelee National Park and the newly constructed Seacliff Beach Waterfront Amphitheatre. Leamington is a popular destination for festival and event goers, birders, cyclists and motorcyclists, and nature lovers.

Leamington has a diverse base of tourism-related businesses, ranging from restaurants to experience providers. Visit for a full picture of Leamington’s vibrant tourism sector.

Health Care
Leamington is home to a cluster of world-class medical and health supportive facilities, centred on the Leamington District Memorial Hospital, operated by Erie Shores Healthcare. As the only EssexCounty hospital outside the City of Windsor, the Hospital serves approximately 75,000 residents in South Essex and the surrounding municipalities. Erie Shores HealthCare provides quality healthcare services including 24 hour Emergency Department, Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Rehabilitation, Palliative Care, Intensive Care, Diagnostic Services and a wide range of Ambulatory Care programs.

The area around the hospital includes supportive health services, including the Leamington Family Health Team, family doctors, specialists, a lab, and a full service pharmacy. The Hospice of Windsor Essex County Residential Home is also in this area and serves all patients and their families dealing with a life-altering diagnosis.


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