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Mayor Hilda MacDonald

Mayor Hilda MacDonald's Message

Never before have we, as a community or as a world, had to dig so deep to find encouragement to look ahead. But look ahead we must, as we ponder the lessons learned from the past year.

We have learned that we must care as much for our most vulnerable as we do our least vulnerable.

We have learned that the same housing standards must apply to anyone who lives within our borders.

We have learned that skimping on health care has a bigger price tag than paying up front.

We have learned that every job has value and that sometimes those that get paid the least, are actually the ones we value the most.

Council’s strategic direction has certainly been side tracked by 2020. But I will repeat what I said in my inaugural message.

We will strive to be fair and equitable in every decision made, every plan devised”.

We will continue to find ways to solve our housing issues.

We will continue to work with businesses and industry to find solutions to improve their ability to prosper, keeping in mind the impacts on the community and the environment.

We will work hard to make Leamington a place where people want to raise their children; where people want to return after pursuing higher education; where people want to locate business; where people want to age in place.

We have learned to pivot whether due to pandemic repercussions or whether due to the loss of a fellow council member.

We look forward; remembering the past, learning from the past, but never losing hope or confidence in a better future.


Leamington Council Members

Leamington Council Members

Leamington Council Members - Clockwise from top left: Councillor Bill Dunn, Mayor Hilda MacDonald, Councillor Paul Tiessen, Councillor Tim Wilkinson, Deputy Mayor Larry Verbeke, Councillor Heather Latam, Councillor John Hammond


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