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Municipal By-laws promote a safe, quiet and pleasant environment for our residents. The Municipality employs by-law enforcement officers whose job is to enforce these by-laws and investigate complaints from residents relating to noise, property standards issues such as littering and other matters

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Please note that some versions of by-laws found on this website may be consolidated. A consolidated by-law is one that includes some or all amendments that have been made to it. The information is provided as a convenience only and should not be relied on as an official copy. The official copy of a by-law may be obtained from the Legislative Services Department at the Municipal Office.  

General Inquiries

Fences without Pools - Questions or concerns should be directed to the Municipal By-law Enforcement Department.

Fences with Pools - Fences are required to comply with the  Swimming Pool By-law and will require a building permit.  Questions or concerns should be directed to Building Services.

Fences in Commercial and Industrial Zones - Questions or concerns should be directed to Planning Services as they may be subject to site plan control.

Section 4.16 - Fences (Zoning By-law No. 890-09) states the following:

within any area zoned Residential (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6) fences are permitted in any required rear, interior side and exterior side yards and the maximum height shall be 2m (6.56 ft) and in no case, shall be located les that 6m (19.68 ft) from the front lot line.  Where a required rear yard abuts a required front yard of an abutting property, the maximum height of the fence within a triangular space shall be 1.2m (3.93 ft) for a distance of 6m (19.68 ft) measured along the exterior lot line of the abutting lot, or has no visual obstruction;

within any area zoned Agricultural (A5), fences are permitted in any required rear, interior side and exterior side yards and the maximum height shall be 2m (6.56 ft);

within any area zone Agricultural (A1, A2, A3, A4), fences are permitted around the entire parcel with no maximum height;

within any other zone, fences are permitted in any required rear, interior and exterior yards and the maximum height shall be 3m (9.84 ft) and shall be required in the corresponding site plan agreement;

fences must comply with the provisions of Section 4.51 of the Zoning By-law for sight visibility triangles and the Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington Swimming Pool By-law;

if the property abuts Lake Erie, fences will not be permitted in the required rear yard, unless the fence is less than 1.2m (3.93 ft) or has no visual obstructions.

 On May 28, 2018 Council passed By-law 35-18 by exercising its powers under section 128 of the Municipal Act, 2001 to regulate matters related to cannabis production facilities, cannabis lounges and cannabis retailers.  The by-law regulates where a cannabis facility, cannabis lounge or cannabis retailer may be located; requires such facilities to have an odour abatement protocol and includes other regulations related to their operations.  The by-law applies to all such facilities and operations whether established at the time or the by-law or following its passing. 

By-law 035-18 Regulate Cannabis

Please contact Kyle Reive, Manager of By-law Enforcement, if you have any questions.


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