Rzone defined


Rzone is first and foremost, a proactive education and awareness strategy to promote respectful and responsible behaviour at all facilities. When you see the Rzone signage, it is a reminder of our Public Conduct Policy, and that it applies to everyone.

The "R" in Rzone, stands for Respect and Responsibility. Respect for oneself, Respect for others and Responsibility for one's actions.

The Municipality of Leamington has a Public Conduct Policy which describes inappropriate behaviour at all municipal facilities and municipal events. The Public Conduct Policy applies to interactions between members of the public and employees; the conduct of members of the public in a municipal facility or at a municipal event generally; and certain interactions between members of the public and council members.

Rzone is a program requiring all persons wishing to visit or use our municipal facilities, parks or attend municipal events to respect others and take responsibility to ensure a positive environment is maintained. It is the expectation of the Municipality that members of the public will abide by these principles.

View the Public Conduct Policy

View the Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy

What is considered unreasonable conduct?

No form of violence, vandalism or inappropriate behaviour is acceptable in any workplace, municipal facility or municipal event. Incidents involving the following should be reported:

  • Unreasonable persistence

  • Unreasonable demands

  • Unreasonable lack of cooperation

  • Unreasonable arguments

  • Unreasonable behaviour such as abusive language

  • Yelling or making disparaging comments

  • Argumentative, disrespectful, intimidating or disruptive behaviour

  • Vandalism

Results of breaking the Public Conduct Policy

In addition to any other proceedings which may be pursued, a response to a member of the public who engages in unreasonable conduct, workplace harassment or workplace violence may be any of the following:

  • Verbal Warning 
  • Written Warning
  • Limitation on Communication
  • Limitation of Access to any Municipal Facility or Event


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