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Aquatic Schedule

Aquatic Schedule


 Swim Lessons


Registration for the current session is now full.


Next Session:

A new session will begin in January 2022.  Registration will begin in December.  Stay tuned for further dates and details.

Upcoming Aquatic Leadership

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

Course runs December/January/February.  Registration will open soon.

December- Candidates will work on online content

January/February - Saturdays January 8 - February 12.  10:00AM-3:00PM. Plus co-teaching hours on weekday evenings (flexible).


Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid

Registration will open soon.

January 9 - February 27.  12:00PM-3:00PM.  No class Feb.20


What sport can save a child's life? Swimming can! Keep your child active and learn an important life saving skill all while having fun with swim lessons.  Children can participate as part of a group lesson or in a Private/Family Lesson format.  Private (30 minute) and Family (45 minute) lessons allow for greater flexibility in tracking the swimmers level completion as they can move through the skills at their own pace.

Red Cross Swim Preschool LogoAges 4 months - 6 years 

Starfish Level LogoDuck Level LogoSea Turtle Level LogoSea Otter Level LogoSalamander Level LogoSunfish Level LogoCrocodile Level LogoWhale Level Logo

Red Cross Swim Preschool Program Outline

4-12 months Starfish (with parent) Babies and their caregivers work on orientation to the water, front, back and vertical positions in the water and introduce water safety topics.
12-24 months Duck (with parent) Babies and their caregivers work on orientation to the water, front, back and vertical positions and moving in the water and introduce water safety topics.
2-3 years Sea Turtle (with parent) Toddlers and their caregivers work on submersion, floats, jumping in with assistance, kicking on front and front swim.
3-6 years Sea Otter Swimmers work on front and back floats, glides, and kicking with a goal of completing a 1m swim. 
3-6 years Salamander Swimmers work on improving their floats, glides, and kicking independently and  a 2m swim. 
3-6 years Sunfish Swimmers work on independent floats and glides, deep water floats and jumps, and a 5m swim.
3-6 years Crocodile Swimmers further develop front and back glides with kick, deep water items, and a 10m swim.
3-6 years Whale

Swimmers increase their distances on front and back glides with kick, learn sitting dives, and a 15m swim.



  • 3-6 years old: First time in lessons and non swimmer? Start with Sea Otter
  • For your swimmers success, the levels are designed to be completed in the above order to ensure they are building on the skills they have and to keep all participants safe.


Red Cross Swim Kids Logo


Ages 6 - 12 years

Red Cross Swim Kids Program Outline

Swim Kids 1 Swimmers develop front and back float, front and back glide, flutter kick (assisted), shallow water entries and exits, and swim 5 metres.
Swim Kids 2 Swimmers learn front and back glide with flutter kick, develop front swim, complete deep-water activities (assisted) and swim 10 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 3 Swimmers increase their distance on front and back glide with flutter kick, perform flutter kick unassisted, wear a PFD in deep water, float in deep water, and swim 15 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 4 Swimmers learn back swim with shoulder roll and front crawl (10m), work on flutter kick on back, perform kneeling dive, introduction to sculling and swim 25 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 5 Swimmers develop front crawl (15m), learn back crawl (15m) and whip kick on back, learn stride dive and treading water, perform head-first sculling on back, and swim 50 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 6 Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (25m), learn elementary back stroke (15m), learn dolphin kick, tread water in deep water, perform front dive, and swim 75 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 7 Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (50m) and elementary back stroke (25m), learn front scull, perform whip kick on front and dolphin kick, learn stride entry and swim 150 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 8 Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (75m) and elementary back stroke (25m), learn breast stroke (15m), learn eggbeater/tread water, perform feet-first surface dive and standing shallow dive, and swim 300 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 9 Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (100m), elementary back
stroke (50m) and breast stroke (25m), learn sidestroke kick, perform head-first surface dive, and swim 400 metres continuously.
Swim Kids 10                          

Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (100m), elementary back stroke (50m) and breast stroke (50m), learn sidestroke (25m), perform dolphin kick (vertical), learn feet- and head-first surface dives with underwater swim, and swim 500 metres continuously.


  • 6-9 years old: First time in lessons and non swimmer? Start with Swim Kids 1.
  • For your swimmers success, the levels are designed to be completed in the above order to ensure they are building on the skills they have and to keep all participants safe.


Youth Learn to Swim LogoAges 10-15 years

Youth Learn to Swim

Based on Red Cross Swim Basics but the items individuals want to work on is flexible.

Small group lessons for ages 10-15 years who are new to aquatics. 

Level 1

This beginner level will focus on orientation to the water and basic skills such as floats and glides. Classes will be geared to accommodate those with little experience in the water.  Perfect for youth who have not taken swim lessons and would like to develop swimming skills.


Level 2 

Once comfortable with the basics, this level will add on deep water skills and work on strokes. 


Depending on age and ability, swimmers may also be merged back into the Red Cross Swim Kids Program.


Aquatic Leadership - 2022

2022 Estimated Leadership Courses

January-April - Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross courses

May/June - Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course

Summer - Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard courses

Fall/Winter - TBA

Questions? Call or email with AQUATIC LEADERSHIP 2022 in the subject line.


Leadership LevelsLifesaving Society LogoRed Cross Logo


Ages 12 - Adult

Interested in becoming a Swim Instructor or Lifeguard? You will need to take the following courses in the listed order.


Bronze Star

Bronze Star Award

This training develops swimming proficiency, lifesaving skill and personal fitness.  Candidates refine their stroke mechanics, acquire self-rescue skills, and apply fitness principles in training workouts. 

Recommended Age 10-12


Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid CPR-B

Bronze Medallion Award 

This course challenges the candidate both mentally and physically.  Judgement, knowledge, skill, and fitness - the four components of water rescue - form the basis of Bronze Medallion training.  Candidates acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills needed to make good decisions in, on, and around the water.  

Prerequisite: Minimum of 13 years of age or Bronze Star

Bronze Cross

Bronze Cross Award

This course begins the transition from lifesaving to lifeguarding and prepares candidates for responsibilities as assistant lifeguards.  Candidates strengthen and expand their lifesaving skills and begin to apply the principles and techniques of active surveillance in aquatic facilities.  Bronze Cross emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication in preventing and responding to aquatic emergencies.

Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion award and Emergency First Aid

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

Red Cross Logo

The Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Course prepares candidates to instruct the Red Cross Swim Programs.  The Core Course is delivered in an online format.  Candidates will have online, classroom, and pool sessions to complete their certification.  Candidates must complete an online course, attend 100% of the scheduled pool/class sessions, and coordinate a minimum of 8 Teaching Experience hours (co-teaching).

Prerequisites: Bronze Cross, Emergency First Aid, minimum of 15 years of age by the end of the course.

Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard & Standard First Aid

National Lifeguard Award

Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard training develops a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgement, and a mature and responsible attitude towards the lifeguard's role.  This training emphasizes prevention and safety, and effective rescue response in emergencies including first aid treatment.  Candidates develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills.  

Prerequisites: Minimum of 15 years of age by the end of the course and Bronze Cross award.

**Update in 2020 - the minimum age was lowered from 16 to 15.  Now candidates can take advantage of completing the course ahead of turning 16 so they are ready for employment as a Lifeguard as soon as they turn 16.

Keep on track! We recommend taking the courses at the following ages:

  • Bronze Star - 10-12 years
  • Bronze Medallion - 13 years
  • Bronze Cross - 14 years
  • Red Cross WSI - 15 years
  • National Lifeguard - 15 years
  • Getting started late? Many of our courses run one after the other so you could fast track and take multiple in one year (as long as all prerequisites are met).

Interested in working at the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre Pool? Applicants are encouraged to have both Red Cross WSI and Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard certifications.  Due to Public Pool Regulations, all aquatic staff must be at least 16 years of age to begin employment.



 About the pool
  • 25 metre pool - 25m x 6 lane pool is great for adult aquatic fitness classes, swimming laps, youth swim lessons, and even scuba diving.  
  • Leisure pool - at approx 3ft deep and with a bench around most of the pool, this pool is great for preschool swim lessons, adults looking to sit and stretch, or a fun spot for parents with little ones.
  • Tot pool - a small shallow pool perfect for babies and toddlers to splash around.


Did you know?

  • The pool first opened in 1985 as part of the Frank T. Sherk Recreation Complex which was constructed on land donated by the Heinz Corporation of Canada.
  • The pool holds approximately 220,000 US GAL of water! 
Swim Admission Policy

Your safety is our main concern. To make our facility as safe as possible and adhere to Public Pool Regulations:

  • Children 7 and Under - Must be within arm's reach of a parent or guardian (14 years or older) at all times.  Limit of 3 children per adult.
  • Children 8-9 - Supervision and swim test required. Supervision must be 14 years or older but is not required to be in the water.
  • Children 10-13 - May swim on their own but may not act as supervision for a younger swimmer. 

All Swimmers: Participants with serious medical conditions (especially seizure disorders) should be accompanied by another person knowledgeable of their condition. A support person may need to be in the water to ensure the swimmer's safety.



Online Registration



 Refund Policy
Does not apply to subsidized registrations.

Refunds will be processed upon written request for facility bookings, program registrations and memberships in accordance with the following policy:

  • A full refund will be made upon cancellation of a class or activity by the Municipality of Leamington.  Refunds will not be possible in the event of an unexpected situation such as inclement weather, power failure, building evacuation, mechanical difficulties, or emergency pool maintenance (inclusive of pool fouling).  
  • The Municipality of Leamington reserves the right to close the facility for maintenance or repairs.
  • Requests for refunds must be received in writing prior to the 3rd class of the session or before the expiry date of a membership.  Refunds are calculated based on the date the Refund Request Form is submitted for consideration and the amount refunded will be prorated based on number of classes that have occurred or time already used.
  • A Doctor's note must accompany any request for refund to memberships.
  • Refunds for programs will be charged an Administration Fee of $15. 
  • Refunds for memberships will be charged an Administration Fee of $25.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for the processing of refunds.
  • "Make-up Classes" are not available for missed classes.
  • Non-attendance and notification to an instructor does not constitute a notice of withdrawal.

The Municipality of Leamington reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment, so please register early.



  • Requests for transfers are based on class availability.
  • Requests for transfers can be made at the front desk.


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